What New Vapers Must Know About Vape Juice


Shopping for vape juice overwhelms many individuals. Should you buy vape juice, e-liquid, or e juice? Actually, all three names refer to the same thing. It’s nothing more than a liquid substance placed in a machine. The machine then vaporizes this substance so it can be inhaled into the lungs with the help of an electronic battery or device.

The following information helps individuals looking to purchase vape juice at indejuice.com. These five factors narrow the choices available to a consumer when shopping. They do so by providing details about some key differences between the offerings.

PG or VG?

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) serve as the primary ingredients in vape liquids. Vape juices with a higher concentration of PG provide a stronger throat hit, one that mimics what smokers obtain when using tobacco products. However, these products produce a smaller smoke cloud that is thinner. Most vape juices with tobacco flavoring contain more PG than VG. Vegetable glycerin, in contrast, provides a large cloud accompanied by more vapor. The hit tends to be smoother, and the products with a higher ratio of vegetable glycerin usually come in fruit or candy flavors.

Consumers often wonder about the safety of using products containing PG and VG. Both substances received FDA approval quite some time ago. In fact, consumers likely use products that contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or both on a daily basis and don’t even know it.

Take care when using these products, as a few individuals have a propylene glycol allergy. Their throat burns excessively when they vape. Furthermore, they often develop hives, experience chest tightness, or develop a headache with use of the e-liquid. Symptoms often appear immediately and can linger for an extended period. Fortunately, these men and women discover they can use VG liquids with no problem.

Men and women using VG vape juice find they must clean their coils and devices more often. This juice creates more junk as it has more viscosity. Users of PG liquid find their devices require less maintenance, but all users need to clean and care for their devices regularly to keep them in good working order.

Nicotine Content

Many vapers use electronic cigarettes and vape devices to help them quit smoking or chewing tobacco. They want to reduce their risk for various health conditions and feel vaping will help them achieve this goal. Vaping allows them to fulfill their nicotine cravings while minimizing their exposure to harmful additives such as tar. These individuals must consider the nicotine content of various vape juices to find the one that best meets their needs.

Common nicotine concentrations found in these products include 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. Higher concentrations produce stronger throat hits during the vaping experience. Heavy smokers trying to quit need higher nicotine concentrations, and more efficient vapes require less nicotine. This is particularly true with sub ohm vapes. Vape experts recommend a pack a day smoker start with a 12mg vape juice.

Closed system vaping devices continue to increase in popularity, such as the JUUL device. These systems use higher nicotine concentrations, including 40mg and 50mg. Users find these systems to be more convenient. Once the device drains, recycle it and purchase a new one. They love that this option allows them to try different flavor devices without spending large amounts of money to do so. There’s no need to buy a new e juice only to find you don’t like it when the pre-filled pods are cheap and easy to use.

Nevertheless, users must recognize closed system vaping devices cost more in the long run. Many state they will pay more because they like the feel of the device in their hands. They say it feels more like a traditional cigarette and is easier to hide when in an area where they prohibit cigarettes and vape devices. Avoid chain vaping when new to use these devices, as the nicotine buzz may be extreme. Additionally, those looking to cut back on their nicotine consumption will want to avoid closed system vaping devices.

Users likewise need to consider different types of nicotine. Standard nicotine derived tobacco remains an option for those purchasing vape juices. However, many men and women now turn to nicotine salts, as they allow more nicotine into the system sooner, the shelf life is longer, and they don’t require as powerful a vape.

Sub ohm vaping devices used with nicotine salt e-liquids serve as an option, but users must avoid over-vaping. Those who don’t do so find they receive too much nicotine. Certain people now find they prefer tobacco free nicotine (TFN), a synthetic, costly type of vape juice. One benefit of this option is it contains no impurities, unlike tobacco derived from nicotine. Furthermore, it is odorless and improves vape juice flavors while providing the nicotine many users want. Companies get this nicotine from a variety of sources such as vegetables. Expect to pay more for this option.


Men and women often find they want to try something new and turn to vape juice flavors for added variety. In fact, certain vape juice manufacturers offer tens of thousands of flavors to choose from. This includes fruit and candy flavors along with Popsicle ones. Top vape flavors include strawberry, cinnamon toast crunch, and custard.

Smokers trying to quit rely on tobacco-flavored e-liquids to help them wean off of cigarettes or chewing tobacco, and certain individuals choose vape juice flavors with no nicotine because they like the flavor but don’t want the nicotine hit. They even have menthol flavors for men and women who smoked menthol cigarettes and those who like the mint flavor. Check out unique flavors such as those with an alcohol beverage theme or coffee flavored offerings.

Steeping improves the flavor of e-liquids much as it does with fine wines. Manufacturers offer products already steeped or the user might steep the vape juice at home. This process requires molecules to be activated to stimulate the oxidation of the juice. This improves the flavor while providing a truer flavor. How do you complete this process? Simply allow it to breathe for a few days or a few weeks. Keep it away from sunlight during this process. A dark area serves best for promoting the oxidation of e-liquids.


Consider sub ohm vapes when comparing different devices. Users love how efficient these devices are, and e-liquids with a lower nicotine content work well in them. However, the devices require more power and use more vape juice. As a result, users find they spend more to engage in this activity. High nicotine vapor users will want to avoid sub ohm vape devices.

New vapors who smoked, however, love sub ohm vape devices, and the same holds true for those who like the sensation of smoking. The devices don’t require a thick vape juice with a high VG concentration. Users enjoy the small cloud produced by the device and are satisfied with the strong throat hit produced by the VG.

Fortunately, consumers find they have a vast range of juice options. Try several products to find those that you like and wish to use again. Each person differs in terms of their preferences, and there is no right answer when it comes to which juice or flavor is right. It’s a matter of the user’s tastes. However, one additional factor comes into play when a person goes to choose a vape juice.


Should you try a cheap juice or spend the money for a premium one? This question remains in the mind of new vapers everywhere. Those who have been engaging in this activity for some time now say spend the money for a premium vape juice. Premium liquid brands offer higher quality and better flavors, according to these individuals. While it may appear easier to pick up some vape juice at a gas station or grocery store, doing so could turn a new vaper off forever. The same holds true when buying from a friend who makes vape juice in their garage. Pay more to get vape juice from an established brand to ensure you get a certified, official, standardized product.

Although these products cost more, manufacturers use high quality ingredients in the flavorings, the nicotine, the vegetable glycerin, and the propylene glycol. Furthermore, they adhere to higher manufacturing standards. Premium vape juices typically include a batched number and are filled using precise machines. This allows consumers to know what they are getting and putting into their body.

With many products on the market today, it falls on the consumer to know what to look for when purchasing. Keep the above factors in mind as you go to make the choice. Furthermore, visit a premium vape shop and speak to the staff members. Those who engage in this activity are of great help in answering questions and helping customers determine which items best meet their unique needs. They want their customers to be satisfied and go out of the way to make certain this is the case.