What Men Search for in a Relationship

There is a difference between men and women in terms of how they approach a relationship. Women are subjective while men tend to be more casual. That doesnít mean men donít take their relationships seriously. They do not express their feelings as outwardly as women. What men search for in a relationship may not be what motivates women to fall for him.

There is a difference in mentality, desire, expression levels, passion, and many other things. Everyone needs to compromise in a relationship to carry it forward. So, if you want to understand your man better, here are a few things you need to know about what he wants in a relationship:

Friendship is the priority

More than love and sex, men want their partners to be their best friend first. They are always searching for real friendship; for someone who is open to communicate freely. Thatís why you will notice men DMing you first on online dating websites even if they are from a different country. This allows them to test the waters, so to speak, and find someone that shares the same visions and aspirations. For instance, many people may use LOveSita to find a match that also has the goal of eating a romantic dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower with a birdís eye view of Paris underneath.

These dating apps have fast become the ideal platform to find life partners because men prefer to talk to women over the phone first before meeting. Once they are comfortable talking to their match, they establish a solid foundation of trust, which is the first step to any long-lasting relationship.

Unconditional love

Conditions and demands can turn off men in a flash. Once they sense that you only love them because they can meet your needs, they will end the relationship. Men are always on the lookout for unconditional love. A relationship is an exchange of emotions, and not a barter system to meet each otherís demands. The latter can only make a relationship mechanical, and that is an alarming sign. Donít put your conditions first before understanding him completely. Your partner will listen to your requirements when you love him unconditionally. Take that first step, and your relationship will flourish.

Emotional support

Men need the same emotional support as women do in a relationship. They are fond of perpetual encouragement and constant support. If you want a happier relationship, you should start by encouraging him in all their matters, be it personal or professional. Men strive to find a partner who will offer the level of support they want. It is wrong to think that men are emotionally stronger than women. On the contrary, men are more emotional; it is just that they donít express it often.

Sex matters sometimes

Lovemaking plays a crucial role to steer a relationship in the right direction. It is not that men are crazy and hungry to have sex all the time. They are not perverts. But you need to understand that they wish for intimate moments from your end too. It often turns out as the key to a harmonious relationship. So, donít skip the naughtiness. He will always appreciate your effort to make love, and that is beneficial to keep him and the relationship happy.

Understanding men are simpler than understanding women. Be kind and gentle to them, and they will offer their hearts to you more than you could ever imagine.