What is Payforit?


Online casinos used to offer a very restrictive lineup of payment methods to their players, with a clear preference for credit cards and wire transfers. Over the years, the list of financial instruments available has expanded and today punters can use many locally popular banking options. Payforit is such a payment method that can be used to deposit funds quickly and it is particularly popular among mobile users.

What is Payforit?

Payforit has quickly emerged as one of the reliable mobile payment options for UK players, as it was promoted by the local mobile network operators. Initially used for the purchase of services and goods for mobile devices, it was soon after embraced by online casino players, so pay with mobile slots is now available with most operators. Thatís because it goes hand-in-hand with mobile gambling and it is an excellent solution for smartphones and tablets users. People who use prepaid plans, as well as those who have a monthly plan can use it to deposit funds quickly.

The system is particularly easy to use, since all the expenses are made on mobile devices and the charge is simply added to the monthly bill. Payforit also has the advantage of empowering players to control their gambling expenses, since they can check out these expenses on the phone bill. The only downside is that players canít use this payment method as a two-way street for deposits and cash outs. The system allows them to deposit funds to their online accounts and then use alternative banking options to cash out.

How does Payforit work?

Payforit uses two distinct methods to transfer funds to online casinos, or to pay for goods and services over the Internet. One of them goes by the name of single-click billing, and the other option is called Wi-Fi billing, but both are easy to understand and use. Single-click billing requires players to be connected to the Internet via their mobile data and all it takes is one tap of the bottom two instantly make the charge. Casino players who use this method will have their phone number detected automatically.

Those who choose Wi-Fi billing donít enjoy the perks of automatic phone number detection, so they will have to manually enter the phone number. They will send SMS text and receive a confirmation code, which is necessary for the Payforit system to authorize the charge. Obviously, this is slightly more complicated, but it is still just one additional step that can be done with virtually no effort.

When using single-click payments, players must know that sometimes cybercriminals try to simulate a click made by the user, through the use of JavaScript. This makes it very important for Payforit users to be extra careful what software they install on their devices. Then again, this is a threat that affects all people, whether they play casino games or not and regardless of the payment method preferred. All in all, Payforit is a highly reliable payment method and a good choice for mobile device users, easy to endorse.

Image Credits: Payforit from SFIO CRACHO /Shutterstock