What is importance of CMS development?

Designers discussing website layouts

Why choice of design and CMS play one of the key roles in website development?

One of the biggest difficulties for clients is precisely the stages of website design. Because this includes the development of the design of an online store and the choice of a convenient. And most importantly, reliable cms development company.

The modern user of Internet resources is very demanding. So developers have to make every effort to create a truly competitive online store.

Such a site should be convenient, not annoying in coloring, intuitive, fast. And these are already several direct tasks before choosing a design and CMS.

What should be a modern website design?

The modern design of an online store is not only a beautiful shell for a functional filling. It is, above all, the first impression of your customers. Today design plays one of the key roles in website promotion. According to statistics, a user needs 3 seconds to make a decision. He stays on this web resource or close the page and move on. That is why so much attention is paid to the creation of design.

The designer is faced with the task of drawing not just an attractive shell, but a site that will arouse the user’s interest from the first seconds. It should be understandable, attractive, thoughtful from the point of view of psychology. After all, it has been proven that the red button is repulsive, and the green one inspires trust.

Benefits of ready-made free website templates:

  • free or relatively inexpensive;
  • reducing the time to create a site;
  • a large selection of ready-made options.

Perhaps this is where the advantages of free ready-made templates end, because over time you will start to face significant disadvantages:

  • difficulties in customizing the design;
  • malicious code that can subsequently not only cause the site to malfunction, but also steal your sales and customer data;
  • minimum individuality (sites whose templates are freely available for download can be used by tens of thousands of online stores, which means that your site may be similar to them);
  • difficulties in personalizing and implementing the necessary modules;
  • various breakdowns and failures at the most inopportune moment;
  • the inability to maintain the constant processing of large amounts of data.

Now you know why you shouldn’t download sites from unverified resources, especially when it comes to creating a serious online store. This statement applies to sites and other types: blogs, business cards, landing pages, etc.

What is the role of design and CMS in website promotion?

Of course, first of all, the attractiveness of the site design affects the first impression of the user. And the accumulation of his experience of using the online store. If the site has a repulsive design, in which there are red buy buttons, there is no opportunity to checkout a shopping cart on one page, etc.. O course, such a site will sell very little. It will have a very low conversion rate. If a user needs to perform a huge number of actions to complete an order, and even the response time of the site leaves much to be desired, the user will simply leave such a site.

An important role when choosing a CMS and a ready-made template for an online store. It is played by its readiness for subsequent promotion. Since it is the internal optimization of the engine and the technical capabilities of the template that significantly affect its perception and website ranking by Google and Yandex search engines. The design and CMS of the site must be very fast and optimized for all types of devices. Since these factors have come to play a significant role in the SEO promotion of an online store. For example, Google announced that starting this year, all sites that do not have a mobile version of their site design will be downgraded.

Also, the response time of the site began to play a huge role. It largely depends on the correct setup of the CMS on the server with angular developers for hire.