What Is Email Tracking? How Is It Done

With the enhancement of business relationships, the interactions have increased to a great extent.

It is essential to mention that these interactions do not take place physically. These interactions take place over the world of the World Wide Web. 

With the help of Email software like Gmail and Yahoo, you can send your communication to the other party, and therefore the interaction can start.

Interaction has been playing an important role in establishing business relationships. 

What Is Email Tracking?

It is only when you establish a serious relationship that the profitability of the business can be enhanced. With this being the importance of business interaction.

It has become essential to make sure that the email sent or the interaction you make is giving fruit. 

To ensure that the other party has viewed the messages you have sent across the other party.

It is important to ensure that you have good software that can track down every receiver’s activity. This software is known as email tracking software. 

There is a huge amount of utility attached to this software in the present world in which multiple interactions are based on the communication that happens with the help of email. 

Importance of Email Tracking Software?

Email tracking software usually tries to track down the receiver’s activities by notifying the sender as and when the email gets opened by the receiver.

Not only this, but also this software is helpful to let the sender know how many times the receiver has viewed his message. 

Moreover, it can establish a trust factor between the two parties by ensuring that the other party is valuing the interaction of one party.

A timely response is a prerequisite for the establishment of a healthy business relationship. 

This email tracking software can play an extensively vital role in the present world, in which several business transactions are based on the quotations sent and received by email. Email tracking softwares easily available for free on the web. 

Mail tracker, for instance, is one of the most amazing email tracking software used by business houses to make sure that whatever messages they send are being viewed by the other party. 

After discussing the importance of email tracking software in detail, it is equally important to understand the process and steps you have to take to achieve this objective.

The steps you have to take to enable email tracking on your computer have been summarized as follows. 

1. Install the software 

The first step involves installing an effective email tracking software on your laptop or any other device on which you access your email ID.

This email can be downloaded from the Google Play Store that is available on the web. 

You can also download any third-party email tracking software that has played a vital role in enabling people to download the best email tracking software.

Mail track is one of the most effective software that has been used time and again to effectively monitor the emails that have been sent across to other receivers. 

You need to click on the icon for download and wait for the installation.

One such software has been installed on your device; then you have to follow the next steps, which have been mentioned as follows. 

2. Enable extensions

If you are using Gmail or Yahoo as your default email software, then in such a situation, you would be required to take some additional steps for the successful installation of the email tracking software. 

It is pertinent to mention that you meet to download and install the email tracking software, but at the same point in time, you have to enable its operation on your default email account.

This can be only possible if you ensure that all the extensions concerning your default Email account are enabled

To enable these extensions, you can click on settings and enable the extensions.

This will ensure that your default email account can assimilate the feature of email tracking software, which is third-party software for your default email account.

3. Link your account

You might be having different types of email ids and email accounts. Before installing and enabling the email tracking software, you have to make sure which account you want to track.

If you have decided to link a particular account to email tracking software, then you have to fill that account name, and at the same point, ensure that your account now extends its support to email tracking software. 

This will ensure that every email you send will be automatically tracked with the help of the email tracking software that you have installed and linked with your respective account. 

The best part of this software is that you do not have to mechanically enable the email tracking every time for sending the email because it has every potential to track the email and notify you automatically and when the email gets opened by the receiver. 


This is the best guide that you think ever get to install email hacking software. After successfully installing the email tracking software, you are all set to send your emails and track the same. 

It is really important to mention that email tracking software is used to check the number of times your email has been accessed by the other party and keep on notifying you as and when this happens.

It Is a very useful software that is used widely by business people these days. 

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