What is Difference Between Gmail and Email A Comprehensive Guide

The world of technology has been able to increase and develop to such a great extent that there is no limitation to the maximum amount of development that can happen with it.

In such a situation, it becomes very easy to make sure that the terms become confusing for the common layman of many countries who may not be as conversant with the technology as other people who might be well versed with it.

In such a situation, this blog makes an attempt to solve one of the biggest confusions that every layman tries to experience in his life while using technical terms. This confusion is related to the usage of words like email and Gmail.

What Exactly is The Confusion in Difference Between Gmail and Email

Due to the rhyming nature of the term, there is a huge possibility that people might end up getting confused in the extent of the term that is being used.

That is why it is becoming very important to clear the doubts as soon as possible so that the technical literacy is able to get enhanced to the maximum possible extent.

A detailed explanation which is related to the two concepts has been provided in the following way.

What is Email?

E-mail refers to electronic mail that makes use of an email service provider in order to communicate important deliverables like messages, videos, and movies.

In other words, just like a message which is sent across the mobiles and accordingly delivered to the receipt, similarly when it comes to an email, it makes the use of the services which are provided by the email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc. and accordingly delivers the communication from one sender to the other receiver.

The email refers to the message and the communication which is delivered across the cloud and accordingly helps to serve many important purposes.

What is Gmail?

It is also important to mention that Gmail does not mean a type of email. Gmail is rather the platform across which the emails could be sent and received easily.

In other words, it could be said easily that Gmail is considered to be the email service provider on the platform of which the exchange of important information can easily take place.

Just like other platforms like Yahoo, outlook and Orkut, Gmail is an email service provider which has been powered by Google.

It is considered to be very useful in the long run and accordingly is able to provide easy mobility to the users in order to carry forward their personal and Professional communication.


Towards, the end it could be easily said that both the concepts are poles apart from each other. But despite the difference, it is worth mentioning that both of these terms are interdependent on each other to a great extent.

This is because of the simple reason that the email cannot function well without the platform of Gmail, and Email would be of no use if the emails could not be sent.

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