What is bulk SMS marketing?

bulk SMS marketing

Mass mailing with the help of text message service for business implies sending a lot of similar messages with information text to potential clients. A mobile phone is one of those things that is always at your fingertips. Therefore, notifications coming to smartphones are very likely to be read users open almost 98% of messages. Which cannot be said about email mailings. Customers read no more than 22% of received emails.

Mass SMS as a type of marketing sent via bulk SMS sender, are used for a long time and are becoming more and more popular every year. This allows us to increase confidence in the company and count on increased conversion. Availability of feedback from the user is the first step towards making sales. You can send mass messages, where you can specify information about current promotions, discounts on branded products, offer participation in the contest program and much more.

Why is SMS marketing so popular?

The popularity of mass mailings is due to several factors. First, the business text service does not require additional equipment or study of complex innovative developments. Everyone can receive and send text messages. It is enough to write a text containing the necessary information and a call to action. It is also required to leave data for feedback a link or phone number.

Secondly, thanks to bulk SMS it is possible to conduct an effective marketing campaign that will attract the maximum number of target audiences. The simplicity and convenience of text messages is an undeniable advantage compared to other types of advertising. Companies that have their own client base will be able to quickly deliver the necessary information to interested consumers.

Sending an SMS to a personal phone number is the best option for communication the user will not need more than a few minutes to reply to the message. Customers who have independently agreed to receive notifications from your company will be able to find out the latest information about the products. In this way, you will expand the range of potential customers and regularly communicate with a large number of people who are interested in your products.

Target customers are pleased that no large number of preliminary actions are required to participate in the newsletters. To prevent users from unsubscribing, send SMS in bulk, which will offer only useful information.

It is possible to send messages to all models of mobile phones. This does not require Internet access, so it is possible to find out the latest information about your company without going online. This factor is very important some consumers do not use e-mail, which does not allow to send messages by other means than classic SMS.

How to Grow Your Business With Bulk SMS

SMS marketing is one of the most powerful and affordable ways to deliver information to potential customers, providing feedback. Considering some aspects, this option of marketing campaign can be used most effectively.

  1. It is worth deciding on a bulk SMS sender, thanks to which you can send messages to a large number of users at the same time. Small and medium business companies often consider the use of such tools for promotion.
  2. Find out the cost of services. When the cost of sending each message will be known, you will be able to plan the cost of the marketing campaign.
  3. Bulk SMS service provides statistics on the number of messages that have reached the recipients you can find out which numbers are no longer active and exclude them from the database.
  4. Determine to which regions the mass SMS will be delivered clients will mostly be able to receive notifications regardless of their place of residence.

The tools with which messages are sent should be integrated in already existing programs. This will allow you to receive analytics and improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. You will see which messages are getting more impact from the target audience.

If you are just starting a marketing campaign, you need to understand exactly what it is for. In some cases it is enough to go to the main website of the organization leave a link at the end of the message. If you need other actions, emphasize them in your message. Use calls to action that will motivate the customer to buy the product, take part in the campaign or send a message in response.

When creating marketing campaigns, do not forget to develop an interaction strategy with target users. Some tactics allow to interact with the customers in the most efficient way. For example, when signing in or placing an order on a website, a new customer will fill out a capture form that requires a phone number and other personal information. In this way, you can get information for future mailings and the user gets the information needed.

Timely send out mass texts allow to instantly notify users about current promotions. Big discounts or sales will interest customers, so the sooner they know about it, the better. Don’t forget to specify the validity periods of promotions in each message. The tactics of notification of promotions before and on the first day of the bonus offer works well. Users will not forget about discounts and will definitely visit your shop or web resource.

Regular notifications

Potential customers should stay informed about what is happening in your company. If new products arrive at your store, they should receive appropriate messages. Maybe they were expecting this kind of product?

The target audience should be able to subscribe to the notifications themselves. This will allow you to start a marketing campaign with those users who are interested in your services. Many well-known companies use SMS-marketing techniques to promote their products and notify timely customers about promotions, contests and sales.

Prizes for each client

Automated mass communication methods do not mean that the customer will not receive an individual offer. For example, you can set up a mailing list with unique offers or gifts for each user on their birthday. This will increase website conversion, as customers will be more willing to use your web resource during their personal holiday.

Increasing user interest

SMS messages come to the personal phone of any consumer, so this marketing campaign allows to have personal communication with each potential buyer. At the beginning of the message you can specify the client’s name. This will increase confidence and interest in the content of the notification.

Some organizations send users random facts about their company, scientific discoveries or other information that helps to build trust. Such reports do not always lead to direct purchases. But they are very important for increasing interest in the brand.

To Sum UP

The effectiveness of a marketing campaign depends on the degree of customer interest in the selected technology or the company itself. Mass texting tool is the most popular way to increase the interest of the target audience. A correctly composed message of value to each user will motivate clients to make targeted actions. Don’t forget to leave contact details in every text message it will be easier to interact with customers.

Mass messages sent to a large number of users can be made more personal by specifying the client’s name at the beginning of the SMS. This will allow them to feel closer to the company and increase interest in the offer in the message.