What is an internet connection speed test?


Are you having internet problems? Do you have slow internet, or are web pages loading unusually long? There is nothing more annoying than waiting and waiting – and waiting! – Page loading, or Internet so slow that it lags behind you. Fortunately, checking your internet connection speed is easy to do, and it can give you an idea of ??what’s going on.

Today, a high speed Internet connection is one of the most important factors for ensuring high-quality and comfortable work on the Internet.

Internet speed test allows you to check the status of the channel, measure its functionality. Thanks to our test, you can find out and check the real connection speed that your Internet provider provides! And you can also tell other users about it, leaving your feedback about the provider. After all, there are not rare cases when one speed is claimed, and we get a completely different one!

What determines the speed of Internet Connection?

Connection speed varies depending on many factors. This is a type of communication line (fibber-optic communication lines, cable communication lines, etc.), provider, and number of visitors at the moment, and others. If the result deviates from the declared provider by an amount greater than 10%, network problems are likely, for example, an accident on highways and main routers. If this happens, just repeat the test after a while.

Internet speed check determines

Incoming Internet Speed

  • Broadcast data from the Internet to your personal computer.

Outgoing Internet Speed

  • Broadcast data from your personal computer to the Internet

Quickly find out PING

  • Your ping from the provider to the verification server

Test time

  • Time when the speed test was conducted

Performance test

When your internet seems slow, checking your internet connection speed is one of the tools you’ll need to identify the causes of slow work. Checking the speed of your Internet connection is actually a measure of the speed of your Internet connection, which gives you specific figures for the speed of downloading and downloading data on the Internet.

It is important to have these specific indicators, because slow download and download speeds may indicate a problem with your Internet service provider, or a potential problem with your router. On the other hand, if checking the Internet connection shows that you have a normal Internet connection speed, this may indicate possible problems with the site you are trying to access, or perhaps your Internet speed is insufficient for the browsing that you use.

How to speed up a slow internet connection

  1. If you are dealing with a slow Internet connection, these tips can help you diagnose what is causing the problem and determine how to speed up your Internet connection.
  2. Do a lot of checking your internet connection speed throughout the day. Speed check automatically logs the results of each test so that you can easily view the results in the future. These checks can also help you consider and understand the real speeds you’re dealing with. If the speeds are too low, then an increase in the tariff plan or the purchase of a new router can help.
  3. Rate your router. Sometimes a slow or damaged router can lead to slow internet speeds and connection problems. Make sure that your router is not old and not outdate, and that it provides the speed that you need. Try replacing it with another router, if you have one, to see if it speeds up your connection
  4. Reduce the number of people connected to the network. If you connect a lot of people with many devices to your home network, this can also reduce the speed of the Internet. When used simultaneously, phones, tablets and computers require more speed than what you need when using a single computer. Try to reduce the number of simultaneously used devices, and observe the difference. If there is a difference, then perhaps you need to increase the tariff plan to better support all devices.
  5. Try using the internet at different times. Remember, during busy periods of using the Internet, Internet speed may decrease. Try using the Internet at different times when fewer people use the Internet, for example, late at night or early in the morning.
  6. Create a strategic download schedule. If you need to download a heavy program, make a download schedule to distribute it in the early morning, when fewer people use the Internet. This will save your time, as well as provide the opportunity to use the Internet during busy hours, when it is the fastest.

Image credit: Speedtest via Imilian/Shutterstock