What Is An ADU Contractor?

ADU Contractor

Almost everyone is familiar with a general contractor. They are responsible for the oversight of construction projects. However, not everyone is familiar with an ADU contractor, leading us to question what exactly they are and how they differ from a general contractor.

ADU Contractor Definition

An ADU contractor is very similar to a general contractor except they specialize in the construction of additional dwelling units (ADUs). ADUs are smaller residential units built on a single or multi-family residential zoned lot. They are booming in popularity in states like California as a way to combat the growing housing crisis.

Whether you are building a unit from scratch, undergoing a garage conversion, or legalizing an unpermitted ADU, you will almost always need an ADU contractor to help with the job.

Difference Between General & ADU Contractors

General contractors can oversee a variety of projects. From building a house, apartment complex, or even just a porch deck, a general contractor can help you. Technically, they can also be hired to construct your ADU as well. However, since they are a general contractor and do not specialize in the ADU field, we recommend against this.

An ADU contractor primarily focuses on the development of ADUs. Since ADU development is just starting to grow in popularity, not everyone knows the ins and out of it. An ADU professional, however, knows how to navigate the changing laws and how to best maximize the space within such a small unit.

So, an ADU contractor is like a general contractor in the way that they both oversee construction projects but differ in the way that they have expertise in building ADUs.

ADU Contractor Requirements

In order for your contractor to be a good ADU contractor, they need to meet a list of requirements. For starters, just like any contractor, they need to be licensed and insured. The last thing you want is a lawsuit on your hands because your contractor wasnt insured. Secondly, the contractor needs to be familiar with the changing local ADU laws. ADU laws are being updated constantly, so you need someone who is paying attention and can guarantee your unit is built legally. Finally, your ADU contractor needs a solid supply chain plan with a complex construction schedule. This is how you know that they know what they are doing.