What is a Private Blog Network? Is it good or bad?

Private Blog

Are you building links to improve your website’s rankings? Are your efforts not producing the results? If so, are you using the right technique in your online marketing campaigns?

If you are still contemplating whether the answer is a yes or no, then continue reading to understand what you can do without committing a crime under the watchful eyes of Google. 

Introducing Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

This is a powerful technique that you should definitely have in your SEO Arsenal. Building PBNs can be difficult and if done incorrectly could land your website with a penalty. Although this is the case, itís the reason that most SEOs currently employ this tactic, because if done correctly it can be incredibly powerful.

What is a PBN?

PBN or a Private Blog Network is a “network of sites“. The emphasis here is on the keyword “private”. It stresses the fact that you get to own, control, and maintain the links and content present in the sites.

PBNs can help your website rank higher in the search engines. This, in turn, results in higher traffic, leads, and sales for your business. To start off you need a good domain, this can be an expired or expiring domain. However, not any domain will do. You will need domains that were once real or genuine but are no longer in use anymore. The domains could be old business listings or shut down blogs.

How can you get a PBN?

Rather than borrowing links from one or more public networks, you can develop your own with the help of a PBN Hosting & building service such as LaunchCDN. This provides you with a flexible option of hosting high-quality content and links without leaving aside any server footprints. Further, PBN hosting helps you to host the expired domains in an easy way. Most very successful affiliate websites in competitive niches are using PBNs and if you donít itís very unlikely that youíll be able to beat them.

Is it Good or Bad?

If someone tells you that he/she can build a PBN for you overnight, then that is a joke. That is something that is “bad” for your business.

Research shows that a half-baked, footprint exposing PBN is harmful than not having one. Thus, PBNs are no child’s play. With so much of hard work, building PBN links requires not just skill but patience and money. It is worth the time and effort as it produces results. However, a bad PBN will harm your website so creating an asset that is undetectable is the core of your PBN strategy. Moreover, a properly setup PBN is capable of not just ranking your money site but might also make money on its own if monetized well.


In short, link building forms an important part in online marketing. You must build links that are strong, reputable, and non-toxic. However, building such links can pose a problem if not done in the right manner. An incorrect way of building links puts you and your business at risk. It may even throw you out of business or get your website out of Google Index. Hence, working out a process that works to build your PBN up over time is the best strategy and when done correctly will explode your SEO success.

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