What Does a Silicone Sex Doll?

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As far as self-pleasuring goes, silicone sex dolls are the in-thing. Sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular and enjoying wider acceptability by men and even women across the world.

Silicone sex dolls rank at the top of preference for those who need a sex doll or simply sex toys. Although TPE sex dolls are more elastic and can be used in a number of positions, silicone sex dolls are prized for their realism, durability, and the non-porous quality. Their resistance to different kinds of stains including clothing stains makes them relatively easy to clean up and sterilize.more about silicone sex dolls visit here

As the name suggests, silicone sex dolls have been primarily designed for sex. These dolls will fulfil your wildest sexual fantasies and give you the feeling of having a real woman under your groin and belly. In fact, getting intimate with silicone sex dolls can even boost your sexual confidence and make you meet your real womans sexual needs in bed. However, these dolls do much more than satisfy your sexual desires. Here are a number of ways in which people use silicone sex dolls.

Silicone Sex Dolls to Satisfy Your Sexual Desires

This is obviously the most common and commonsense way of using silicone sex dolls. Because of their realistic look and sexy, sensual designs, these sex dolls will actually satisfy your sexual desires and meet your sexual needs. You can have sex with them and feel like you are having sex with a real woman. They have real hair implants, skin that looks and feels realistic and you can have sex with them in multiple positions including for vaginal and anal sex. You can use them for sex for a very long time and they will not lose their shape from the pressure that you exert on them. With the best quality silicone sex dolls such as those from BBDoll, you will get the feeling of a real and genuine sexual relationship with your silicone sex doll.

Silicone Sex Dolls as Companions

More than just a mechanical sexual satisfaction device, a realistic silicone sex doll can actually be a companion. In real-life relationships, we look for certain qualities in our companions such as affection, trust, care, understanding and even meaningful conversations. Can sex dolls fill that role and become meaningful companions? Silicone sex dolls can indeed be partners in life depending on how you plan to use them and the role they play in your life and intimacy. You can have a life-sized, realistic, and attractive-looking sex doll that looks just like a real human in flesh and which can provide you with a level of comfort and companionship that you would typically want in a real woman. This is especially useful for the socially awkward people or for old people who have lost their partners and are living the rest of their lives in loneliness.

Playing with dolls as an adult

If you played with dolls a lot as a kid and derived happiness and fulfillment from it, you could derive some psychological benefits from it as an adult, too, when you use your silicone sex doll as an adult play thing. Playing with dolls as an adult can, indeed, provide you with some comfort, too. People have different coping mechanisms with social and psychological problems in life. Some revert to drug or alcohol abuse and if the worst you can do is playing with a silicone sex doll, then you will have developed a very harmless and innocent way of fulfilling your psychological needs, irrespective of what some judgmental people may say. A big silicone sex doll may just be the toy that you need to relive some happy memories and get some psychological fulfillment.

Do you have an otaku or hikikomori syndrome?

There are many people who opt for an extreme form of social isolation and are unwilling to go into social intercourse with other people. They have no friends, no sexual partners or even casual acquaintances. For people who shun human relationships, which is often characterized by ups and downs including disagreements, fights and bickering, silicone sex dolls can provide the ultimate and agreeable companionship.

Take art photo

If you are an artist, you can treat your doll as a model and have your silicone sex dolls in different poses and take art photos with them or of them.you can have more model by changing the sexdoll head You can take them to unique locations, do various poses, put on different dresses on them and even apply makeup on them and take snaps of them. Silicone sex dolls photography is turning into an art form in itself.

Use your silicone sex doll as a mannequin

Mannequins are easily recognizable as mannequins. However, you can surprise your customers with cute and realistic-looking mannequins by buying silicone sex dolls and dressing them in your luxury merchandise. Many luxury clothing stores are, in fact, opting for this route.