What Can Kids Do Online? BBC CBeebies for Children up to age six

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First launched in 2002, CBeebies is a BBC digital channel aimed at children up to the age of six. The award-winning channel is now available in many countries around the world, and offers a nice balance of education and entertainment.

Its website – offers programme links to the BBCs iPlayer service for online viewing, as well as a host of games and activities for young uns. Its First Time Online scheme is designed to get children used to using a computer and the internet.

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First Time Online begins with a short video hosted by CBeebies presenter Cat, which teaches children the basics of using a mouse to move the cursor, and pressing the spacebar to interact with things onscreen. As the video explains, the site can also be accessed via a smartphone or tablet. Once the video’s complete, click on Games‘. Here you’ll find a number of interactive activities based on CBeebies shows, such More Than One and Peek-a-boo with the Teletubbies, and a hide and seek game with 64 Zoo Lane.

Watch & Listen At the top of the site you’ll find lots more things to do, and you can use the speaker icon to turn sounds on and off. The Songs section includes music from CBeebies shows, while Story Time has a variety of tales with interactive elements to make them more fun and interesting. The Watch section presents clips from CBeebies programming, and Radio plays audio samples from shows. These include dances and other fun things for your children to enjoy, with you, or on their own.

Adult education Towards the bottom of each CBeebies page you’ll find a link to a page for grown-ups, which can also be accessed . To begin, choose the age of your child and then set the amount of time you have. The site will find relevant activities within your chosen timeframe, and clicking each one takes you straight to it on the CBeebies site.


This page also includes information on internet safety, so you can ensure your child doesn’t see anything he or she shouldn’t.