What are the main four steps for Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

When conflicts occur it is easy to lose our cool. However, it is important to work through the conflict in a positive and healthy manner.  Conflict is everywhere from the schoolyards to the workplace. But it is important to work through it for better and lasting relationships.

Conflict resolution managers have to deal with disputes on a regular basis.  Teaching the group that they are working with these 4 steps can make their job as a conflict resolution manager easier.

The four steps spell the word Care to make it easy to remember.

Care- Remember that the other party has feelings too.  Be sure to be kind and respectful during the open discussion.  Your conflict resolution manager can help guide you here should you have troubles.  During this stage, it is important to simply state the facts. Not the reasons for why the other party is wrong.  Try to listen with open ears and a closed mouth until it is your turn.

Actively Listen – Try to be objective.  Try to listen to what the other party has to say, no matter what.  You both should take time to actually hear each other. Sometimes, if you just listen, you may even understand why they have the perspective that they do.  The conflict resolution manager will then ask questions that will help each of the parties to further understand what the other party is trying to say.

Review Options – As a conflict resolution manager, they will try to come up with a solution that will work for everyone.  Remember, not everyone can be super happy about every decision. However, if you can live with the decision, then it was a good one.  Try to go in with an open mind about it all and try to listen to the other person and really hear where they are coming from. Nobody should feel pressured to come up with a quick answer right on the spot.  Some resolutions take a little time, which is okay, that is how we get great decisions. So be patient.

Finally the End

End- This is where the resolution from the conflict resolution manager can help.  Coming up with a resolution that is fair and everyone can live with. This may not be the ideal or perfect resolution for your particular situation.  But, if you can live with it then it was fair.

Remember conflicts happen all over.  Keeping a level head and the proper communication channels open can help.  And, you have a conflict resolution manager that is willing to listen as well.  Use your resources and ask for help when needed. Nobody wants to live in constant conflict and you don’t have to.

Don’t let conflict get in the way of your work production and sink into your family life.  Conflicts should not linger and fester but should be confronted with a level head. Sometimes it is best to give it a couple of days to cool down and get your composure.  But, eventually, you should confront the issue and talk to each other calmly and with respect. For more information on conflict resolution see https://cloverleaf.me/blog/conflict-resolution-managers/.

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