What are the advantages of digital signage in hospitality?

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Hospitality is a competitive industry, which is why anything to add an edge over the competition is crucial to excellent customer satisfaction and build loyalty. The hospitality industry is also undergoing a massive change during these unprecedented and unseen times, which are restructuring the shape of the industry. Digital signs are becoming a necessity in our daily lives as customers wish to feel informed in a non-confrontational situation. Businesses strive to give customers as much content and information as they need to make the best-informed decision.

Businesses in hospitality understand that creating an environment and atmosphere that puts customers at ease is paramount to patron pleasure, and an easy way to push this is to deliver clear and concise content. Menus and information in bars, cafes, takeaways, and even wineries can seem long, wordy, and even outdated in design. Digital signage removes those barriers to create an experience that is best suited for guests and customers.

In a digital world, consumers want to seek out information on their terms. Millennials and Gen Z, growing powers in the buyer’s market, don’t feel the need to speak face-to-face with a concierge or front desk assistant. They prefer researching on their own. Digital signage provides this information that is customisable, tailored, and easy to change at a moment’s notice. This flexibility allows you to tailor your digital signage to your business needs, whether it’s the time of day (lunch specials!) or a deal of the day. The bright and eye-catching digital signage will turn heads and keep your customers interested and informed. Digital signage ultimately puts more money back in your bank.


There is a massive range of bars, from classy and classic cocktail lounges, to loud and lively sports bars. Digital signage lets you display the menu and any specials ($10 Margherita Mondays!) or stream a live sports game. Or, if you want the customers to know that you have a burger and lager night on Wednesdays. It’s also great if you’re going to promote the next event that Saturday night, with a live band. You can provide entertainment for a quiz night by posting up the questions on the screen, so your MC can simply do what they do best. You can even pair up digital signage screens to display the game, with drink specials right next to it to keep your patrons entertained and show off some great deals! Maybe your sports team wins, and there are $5 beers all night. Being smart with a range of digital screens at your bar can present alternative content and provide the customers the power to choose the information that suits them. 

Bars allow people to come together, so why not bring even more people together at your bar and show how great this spot is. 

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Digital signage in cafes is a hot new trend, whether you’re running a modern cafe in the city or a more boutique shop in a small town, digital screens and signage boast a heap of additional benefits that will boost your customer satisfaction. Cafes and restaurants have menus that can often change, based on season, availability of the ingredients, or even a new idea created by the clever kitchen cooks. A massive drawback is that your menus are printed on menu boards, which can be frustrating and costly to update. Save money and time by going digital, it will look sharper, cleaner, and are designed specifically to suit that site. 

Another fantastic way to utilise a digital signage system is by promoting your coffee or food partners, such as the local coffee grinders or a farm supplying your business. It is an excellent opportunity to capitalise on additional revenue streams by showing their ads on your cafe space, and by promoting your partnerships in an easy and accessible way. These mutually beneficial relationships can boost the awareness of your company, and business partner! You can add to this by advertising a local tourist attraction, highlighting this to tourists or locals who may simply not know about that destination.


Digital signage in takeaway joints can be super helpful for the customer and the business owner. Whether you’re looking in McDonald’s and you don’t know what to order, or you are in your local Fish n Chippery, it’s easy to see above the crowds at the bright flashing menu board. You can increase your profits by highlighting the menu items that sell the best, and you can eliminate the menu print costs by switching to these digital menu boards. During times of high volume, you can quickly and regularly update your digital signage menu boards based on availability, and highlight the day’s special. You can upsell your products and you can effortlessly integrate your products with your Point of Sale system. You can even add nutritional or dietary information to your digital menu board, contributing to the overall customer satisfaction.

A little known addition to digital signage is the improvement and enhancement of your brand image with a stylish finished design on the menu boards. During peak times, such as the lunchtime or dinner rush, you can reduce the perceived wait times of your customers by displaying exciting content, such as videos, images, or even play a game based on your menu.


Wineries and breweries can range from an elegant black-tie environment to a rustic and more laid back atmosphere. Using digital signage in wineries and breweries, your newest customers or guests can see an event directory, where to go, or content from sponsors at an event. Whether you are hosting a wedding at your winery, or bringing out a brand new beer for your most loyal customers to enjoy a drop, you have the freedom and flexibility to display anything on your screens. Maybe it’s a feed of live photos throughout the night, or there’s a new fantastic special on the local bottle that’s selling well! 

Digital signage in wineries and breweries become a crucial piece of information sharing, without being an eyesore. For example, most wineries and breweries in New Zealand are independent and locally owned, meaning they can let their personality shine through. This adds a really exciting atmosphere and gives your customers the ability to engage and share the content. A great example of this is below – customers would want to share this on their IG story or Snapchat, which is a great way for you to expose your brand and company.

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