What Are PPC Targeting Options That Lawyers Should Know?

PPC Targeting

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a very powerful strategy for your law firm. When the process is done right, PPC for a law firm can be the best marketing tool and ensure that your firm’s ads will pop up in front of the right audience at the right time. In this article, we are going to provide a quick guide on how to maximize PPC for lawyers.

Definition of PPC Advertising

Marketing can be compared to a tree. The tree has branches that represent different types of marketing channels. One type of branch can be print advertising, while the other one can be social media. PPC advertising is another branch on the tree.

The major advantage of digital ads is that they can be placed in various places on the Web, such as the search results, affiliate websites, and social media. Every time a visitor clicks an ad, the law firm will pay for the click. The amount payable will depend on which keyword the user typed into a search bar. Some keywords are more expensive to use than others.

Importance of Using PPC to the Audience

The type of technology used to power the PPC advertising platform has developed so much in the last decade. There are several PPC platforms available in the current world. There are Facebook ads, Google ads, and Bing ads. The technology being applied today is making the ads more precise and accurate in their targeting.

PPC advertising is very beneficial to the audience and the advertisers. Ads that are well-written, well-designed, and relevant to the right audience at the exact moment that they are searching for a lawyer can provide searchers with what they are looking for.

How PPC Advertising Works

PPC for lawyers can be described with a basic example. If your firm wants to promote its personal injury practice in a city like Chicago, consider your target audience, which must be adults between 30 and 50 years. We should also consider an audience who lives within 20 to 30 miles from the city of Chicago. You might want to use some search terms like “personal injury lawyer or attorney Chicago.”

When setting up these ads, you are required to select all the relevant demographic criteria necessary to identify the audience you want to target and also some other relevant terms. The key to success is knowing who your audience is, their needs, and what they are searching for. For those who do not have an idea of who their clients are, the ad might be missing something, which may waste your time and energy.

Why Use PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising can be competitive, challenging, and potentially expensive. However, when the ads are set up accordingly, pay-per-click will prove to be the best mode of advertising your business. It will increase conversions, phone calls, and sales, as well as build brand awareness.

There are so many benefits of using PPC advertising for law firms:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Controlling your advertising budget
  • Get the right audience at the right time

Therefore, it is good to consider this type of marketing because it offers the best and tested methods to advertise your business.