What are Percolator Bongs?

Everyone knows what a bong is – or at least has a pretty good idea. Popular and potent as they are, a plain bong is only the most basic form of a bong. In steps the percolator bong – just as simple to use and WAY more powerful than a regular bong. On top of that, there is a great deal more smoothness to go along with the power.

In all likelihood, odds are that anyone that has been in a smoke shop or looked online for bongs has come across a percolator bong – they have extra, intricate glass pieces with patterns that allow the smoke to percolate more into the water. In turn, this creates a smoother (and more potent) experience for the smoker. There are a couple of different types of percolators that each add their own element to the percolation going on inside a bong. Percolator bongs, by virtue of this additional complexity and sophistication, are a little more expensive and difficult to clean, on average, than a regular bong. But, given their popularity, it is well worth those small inconveniences, especially when you are with friends watching stoner movies.  Overall, choosing between the different types predominantly comes down to personal preferences and stylistic choice.

Double Percolator Bong

A double percolator bong is pretty self-explanatory – this bong is going to come with two percolators inside the water chamber/tube. Naturally, as one might expect, this is going to increase the percolating capacity by double (or more, depending on any other attachments). Double percolator bongs are going to be power and smooth to hit but will come in a little more expensive than a basic percolator bong and will be a bit more difficult to clean. Keep in mind, that with the percolators, the cleaning agent must pass through them fully (which takes a little more patience than a simpler bong) and then that time has to double for both. Don’t let that distract from the sheer power and smooth nature of this bong, however, because the more percs the better!

Honeycomb Percolator Bong

A honeycomb percolator bong is going to incorporate a honeycomb design inside the percolator itself. Honeycomb designs are extraordinarily strong and powerful and produce a wonderfully smooth smoking experience. Honeycombs are also considered to be easier to clean and pull a hit through than other types of percolators. This is by virtue of the honeycomb design. Particularly if someone has a hard time clearing a regular bong fully, a honeycomb percolator is likely going to be the best way to upgrade the potency and smoothness of their bong hits without sacrificing ease of use. 

Inline Percolator Bong

Another neat item is the inline percolator bong. This kind of percolator bong incorporates a horizontal line with several slits placed along it in order to better diffuse the smoke into the water. These types of bongs are also fairly popular as they are simple and easy to use. Moreover, the more slits that are in the horizontal glass line the more diffusion of the smoke occurs. Keep this in mind when choosing an inline percolator bong to make sure that there will be all the percolation and diffusion necessary for whatever particular preference someone might have.

Shower Head Percolator Bong

Showerhead percolator bongs are fairly simple in design and are considered to be a fairly average but reliable percolator. They are basically a tube (where the smoke enters) covered with another tube that leads to the percolating slits at the bottom of the chamber for water and smoke to exit and diffuse. Essentially, by pulling the smoke through the series of tubes and slits the diffusion will occur. As such, shower head percolator bongs are not considered to be overly difficult or cumbersome on the smoking experience and not too difficult to clean as far as percolators come. Overall a steady and reliable percolator.

Bongs with Ice Catcher and Percolators

Ice catchers allow a hit to be cooled significantly as it passes over the ice and then into the smoker’s mouth and lungs. This is a wonderful feeling and greatly appreciated by those with more sensitive lungs or less experience to bong’s powerful hits. They work well with percolators in helping to further smoothen the hit and ease the experience of the user. An excellent investment for beginners and experts alike.

Percolator Ash Catcher Bong

Finally, ash catchers help prevent some of the nasty buildup that can make owning a percolator bong difficult and tiresome. Simply put, these sit in the downstem and catch ash as it exits the bowl. These super simple devices will certainly save a lot of time and patience in trying to constantly keep a percolator bong clear of ash and resin buildup within the percolators themselves. An excellent addition to any percolator bong.

Written By: Robert H.

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