What are Net Speed Monitor and Which ones can you use?

Net Speed Monitors

We are linked to internet almost for the whole day, here we can get information on almost everything we want like politics, education, current affairs, games. We stay connected through social media with whoever we want to communicate.

Sometimes the Internet connection we are using is not proper or not up to the mark. As in it might be slow or disconnecting randomly.

Net Speed Monitor is a tool that helps in monitoring these connectivity issues and fixing them.

Net Speed Monitors keeps the track of outgoing and incoming traffic, while managing the network pressure. Whether you are having a large business or a small, Net Speed Monitor is an important part. As the performance and maintenance of your network is taken care by Net Speed Monitor.

Net Speed Monitors ranges from a bandwidth monitors that can monitor the whole system of an organisation to work smoothly to a simple internet speed monitor that can monitor the speed of your internet connection.

Importance Of Net Speed Monitors

When there is a problem with the network, we have to inform the concerned person to solve the issue. It will definitely take some time to be done. Whereas, if we have Net Speed Monitor than we can find and solve the issue much more quickly as the tool itself will guide us exactly where to look for the problem. Net Speed Monitor is an important tool as it:

  • Enhances Network Performance.  Net Speed Monitors gives you the exact picture of network performance, and that provides you with the power to locate the apps or the programs that are using most of your bandwidth, the areas which are clogged, inflow and outflow of traffic, router uptime, issues in response time and the detailed description to whatever you require. This empowers you in locating the root of the problem and solve it before it hampers your business or brings things to halt.
  • Provides Quality Communication. While Mostly people are working remotely these days, hence video conferences and internet calls have become a necessity. For the team meetings, webinars and all the internet connectivity plays an important role. Hence, the speed should not be hampered, and this is taken care by Net Speed Monitor.
  • Provides Security. Net Speed Monitors will help you with monitoring the usage of bandwidth and with the help of that you can keep a track of any suspicious activity. Data Breach can be controlled with monitoring as you have a detailed snapshot of every activity. Company’s highly sensitive information and data are safe and protected from hackers when you are armed with Net Speed Monitors. 
  • Easy on your pocket. We sometimes feel that we need more speed or more bandwidth, which can be expensive decision to take. Before we take this decision, if we add a Net Speed Monitor, and monitor our flow of outgoing and incoming traffic it will help us to understand our requirements in a better way. When we use Net Speed Monitors, we can easily solve issues related to slow speed without any further addition if bandwidth.

Finding the Right Bandwidth Monitoring Tool 

A wide variety of network traffic monitoring tools and bandwidth monitors are on the market. Some are more robust and comprehensive in their service offerings, while others are lean. Some involve a fair amount of spend, and others are free or open-source. Finding the right fit for your business boils down to the level of monitoring you hope to achieve and what your company’s budget (or lack thereof) will allow. Here are my picks for the top 9 tools to monitor bandwidth and network usage:

1. Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack

Network Bandwidth Analyzer is a very powerful software to monitor the bandwidth. It comes from SolarWinds and is as powerful as the combined power of NetFlow Traffic Analyzer and Network Performance Monitor, both coming from SolarWinds. It is very well equipped with all the resources that are required to monitor bandwidth usage of any IP address group, application and protocol. It helps you in easy identification any application and protocol using more bandwidth. If there is any sudden change like decrease, increase or disappearance in traffic flow, Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack will send you alerts on its own. When the flow of traffic is very low or not at all than this can result into really a big issue but if you are given an early alert then you can manage with it, or if there is a sudden increase in traffic flow than it can be a cyber attack and again if you are alerted at the right time you can take the necessary actions to save it. BAP is very good at detection, diagnosing and further solving the network issues. Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack has an interactive dashboard which allows the user to have a detailed metrics of the performance. When an issue is faced by any team then they can easily go through the detailed dashboard with drag and drop facility, and solve the issue.

2. NetFlow Analyzer

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a whole some network monitoring tool by ManageEngine. You can have a real time view of network bandwidth performance as it works with flow technologies such as IPFIX, J-Flow, NetFlow and more. You can easily determine the bottlenecks and resolve the issues earliest as you are provided with analytics and real- time insights. It gives the best security along with monitoring network speed. This ways it’s easy to maintain the performance of devices and the reports that may be required for further look outs.

3. PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor is a very simple monitoring tool coming from Paessler. It keeps the track of traffic outflow and inflow by monitoring routers data directly. It offers an in- depth analysis of applications on cloud, exchange of data, bandwidth usage. PRTG Network Monitor is a window based tool. It’s very easy to identify the bottlenecks with this tool as it gives you a clear picture on the usage of bandwidth by your applications and devices. Once you track the usage then you can easily control the flow of traffic by implementing some bandwidth management policies. This helps you in saving money of going for any additional speed plans.

4. NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) is a powerful tool for analysing the network, monitoring of bandwidth along with providing the alerts. What it lacks from Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack is, it’s very deep wireless monitoring of various vendors and baselines of its network performance. NetFlow Traffic Analyzer is a sophisticated and robust software. It is best for anyone who uses applications that are cloud based.

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer provides you with drag and drop dashboard performance analysis which further helps you in identifying the flow of traffic patterns. With the help of this software, you can easily keep track of bandwidth used by different applications, protocols and IP address  and this will further help you in managing your bandwidth efficiently rather than investing a huge amount in increasing it.

5. ntopng

ntopng is a straight forward and a very simple tool. It allows you to monitor the flow of traffic of IP address, protocols, ports and more. You can integrate it with other applications for monitoring, for getting alerts about sudden increase or decrease in network speed. ntopng is very helpful tool as it produces the display of traffic flow and active hosts which you can use to at anytime like after a year, a month or a minute to identify network trends or review data.

6. FREE Network Analyzer & Bandwidth Monitoring Bundle

SolarWinds Network Analyzer & Bandwidth Monitoring Bundle is amongst the best free of cost monitoring tool. This comes from SolarWinds and it comprises of two more tools from same- Real-Time NetFlow Analyzer and Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor . It is a fine quality tool that provides you the ease of monitoring the flow of network traffic. With this you can determine multi- interface monitoring and it gives you liberty to monitor traffic by applications, domain, endpoint and conversations. All this information leads to quickly solving of the issue and not hampering your work.

7. FREE Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor

Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor is a robust and no- cost network monitoring tool. Bandwidth usage is displayed in form of graphs that you can easily use for performing deep analysis. It is a simple tool that gives you the information on you bandwidth thresholds but it cannot identify which application is using more bandwidth or why is that happening. 

8. Cacti

Cacti is for the users who are interested in getting a high end view of bandwidth. It’s a very good and smart choice when talking about free of cost options. Cacti is front end graphic tool which is for system data as well as collection of data. Data can be collected from routers, servers, firewalls and more infrastructure elements and is displayed in the form of graphs. You can easily monitor the usage of bandwidth by interface graphing. It does not gives the deep analysis of graphs but they are simple and clear shown graphs with high and low of traffic flow.

9. BandwidthD

BandwidthD is a very  simple tool for monitoring of bandwidth. It is for those who are looking for a free of cost and to the point solution. BandwidthD monitors the data traffic by keeping a tack IP addresses and making HTML files with graphs where the traffic flow if displayed. Configuration required  while launching of this program  are little tedious but it is compatible with most of the platforms.


Net Speed monitoring is a must for everyone. It helps you in enhancing the performance of your network and will give a keen sight of bandwidth needed by you. This helps you in identifying the problem even before the end users could face it, so you can easily solve it without facing a standstill. Net Speed Monitors gives you more security and can help you in saving money as well.

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