Wedding Tips: Bride Should Know Before Wedding

Every once in a while, pause to look around and focus on what’s following. Of course, you won’t remember every detail —still have an elderly aunt or your mother or have a word with your in-laws. However, take a moment for yourself too, to celebrate your love with the following tips.

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Start Planning before 3 Months to Wedding: Your overall planning should start at least three months before the wedding. You have family and friends to plan for the venue, Menu, gifts, flowers or allergies to them, return gifts or whether your future in-laws are a ‘Monster Family’. You only have to bother about looking great. 

Practice Self Makeup: It is a good idea to be able to have a hand in makeup. Your makeup skills will come in handy during parties after marriage when you still have to look your best.

Makeup Tool care: Take care of the makeup and makeup accessories. This is essential as it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that will affect your skin to un-manageable break-outs. Rinse your brushes with shampoo and store your makeup kits and jars hygienic. 

Tweezing and Waxing: Tweeze your eyebrows well beforehand and try out various procedures that will give you a final structure that satisfies your face shape. It is also recommended never to tweeze your eyebrows a day before the wedding to avoid any reactions and learn how your body responds.

Appointment with Dermatologist: A visit to a good dermatologist should be done at least six months before the wedding. Please book an appointment and have the doctor close-examine your skin and every single aspect around it—advice earnestly for those with stubborn scars, skin pits, acne marks.

Eat a Balanced Diet: You need to fit perfectly into the dress you have been dreaming about. This does not mean a crash diet—instead, a nutrition watch to help you build upon strength and tone up your body. Just watch calories and sugar intake.

Hit the Gym: A fitness routine will help build stamina to survive back-to-back wedding functions and outdoors. Gymming not only enables you to tone up your body. In addition, sweating out is excellent for your skin.

Skin Facials: You should start with your monthly facials at least three months before the wedding. It is a complicated process now which includes elaborate well-researched procedures best satisfied to your skin. Beauticians are experienced aestheticians who know how to massage de-clog pores and practice extractions and needs multiple sittings. 

Wedding Dress Trials: You are the centrepiece of your Wedding party, so be sure to get the look too. Have a dress trial for every celebration of yours, right down to the minor details. Be it your hair-do, pallu-drapes, embellishments or the footwear you will be wearing. 

Re-check Appointments: It is prudent to book your appointments at a reputable salon as you do not need to be abandoned at the last minute. Re-check and confirm your arrangements beforehand to avoid chaos on your wedding day.

Personal Skin Care Routine: While Cleansing-toning-moisturizing should be your Mantra, check for dry-skin patches at places you’d rather ignore, like the elbows and cracked heels. Add bath salts in your shower as it will improve moisture-absorbing tendencies of your skin, making it baby-soft.

Makeup Trials: If a foundation is all wrong, making the look duskier than usual, lip-colour is haywire, and the eye-makeup was best left unspoken about. The result will be a sad-looking bride with a witch of a makeup artist. To avoid this, take a trial beforehand. 

Zits Care: Zits on the D-day are something almost all brides dread about. If you happen to pop up a pimple the night before or even in the morning of your wedding, try Benzoyl Peroxide. This should be well-practised and tried-upon beforehand to rule out any allergies. 

Good Manicure: It is essential to take care of the fingers to flaunt your engagement ring in style. Arrange an appointment with a manicurist and maintain your nails well-groomed. 

Bridal Emergency Kit: Your Bridal Emergency Kit is meant to fix up any last-minute fix-ups like flyaway hair, falsies fall-out, or lost nail colour. It should be well-stocked with safety pins, bobby pins, deodorant, makeup stock, hairspray or anything more that could maintain your day. 

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