Top Wedding Technologies In 2019 (And Why You Should Use Them)

Wedding Technologies

With the turn of the millennium technology and innovation has grown in leaps and bounds. This has in no way slowed down in the aspect of wedding technology. Couples and wedding planners are finding new apps and innovations that make wedding planning easier, and the wedding ceremony more fun and enjoyable. With gadgets like tech wedding rings, virtual visualization tools and even GIF booths, wedding industry trends are even more exciting than our imaginations.

Want to have the hippest and fun wedding with revolutionary photo and video coverage? Then sit back, relax and have a look at our list of top wedding technologies in 2019.

  1. A robot bartender: Impress your guests with a satellite bar to serve cocktails while the main bar serves other essentials. Robot bartenders can be rented or bought and will surely continue working even after your human bartenders have left.
  2. Wedding Drones: Create impossibly cool photos and videos with a wedding drone. Though drone technology is not as new, using them at weddings is pretty trendy. Capture shots from unimaginable angles and create legendary 360 videos like never before. Whether youíre having an indoor or outdoor wedding, a drone can give you some never-before-possible shots for a more memorable wedding.
  3. Passport to Joy: Fit your virtual wedding planning into your purse or back pocket with apps like Passport to Joy which helps couples figure everything out. For professional guidance, checklists, customizable worksheets, creating unique designs and more, this planner helps with everything. Create the wedding you desire with the budget you have and turn your wedding planning from a stressful endeavor into fun with this virtual wedding planner.
  4. The Black Tux: A sharp and simple way to find the perfect suit or tuxedo for your wedding. Wedding industries have taken things one step further with The Black Tux. Your one stop shop for your menswear needs and accessories, just send over your measurements and requirements and have them delivered to you. Wedding planning has never been easier.
  5. Hologram selfie booths: Photo booths are on a whole new level with wedding tech like GIF photo booths and hologram selfie booths. Allow your guests have fun with these interactive activities as they create memories in the newest possible way. With a new augmented-reality, interactive photo booth, The Hollogram Selfie, where guests can create a virtual reality with holographic doubles, interact with them, and more.
  6. Wedding Hashtag Wall: The perfect tools for millennials, the Wedding Hashtag Wall offers you the perfect wedding hashtag completely free. This will help with your live Instagram feed, and other social media platforms you use to publicize your big day.
  7. Periscoping the Wedding: Live streaming isnít new, but wedding streaming is definitely an ingenuous idea for guests who canít make it to your wedding. You could use Periscope to stream the wedding to friends and family, live from a dedicated phone or tablet. With this app, you could even divide the streams into different aspects of the wedding for their viewing pleasure.
  8. A GoPro Bridal Bouquet: Never thought of a GoPro bridal bouquet? Well, now you have. Turn that bouquet into a tool to capture your wedding from fabulous angles as you bury a small camera in its petals. This will result in up close and personal photos and videos and a front row view of your entire wedding.
  9. 3D Printed Wedding Cake Decorations: With 3D printing you can now go wild with your wedding cake decorations. Go on to create that 3D printed shapes, which have remained only in your imagination but which you can now bring to life. Create incredible cake toppers and decorations to go with your theme, for a truly trendy wedding cake.
  10. Light Projections on the Wedding Cake: You can now use lighting and digital mapping projections to up your wedding cake game. You can project virtually any design you want onto your cake. Find the lighting and design company that can take a hold of your idea and run with it, for the trendiest cake design of all. From meaningful song lyrics, to pretty stars of flowers, the sky is your limit.

Wedding industry news is awash with ideas for wedding technologies in 2019. With the current trends and new wedding tech, you do not have to hold back your dreams and desires for your future wedding anymore. Give out tech wedding favors or even exchange vows with a tech wedding band; the possibilities are endless. With new photo apps and 3D wedding designs changing by the minute, we will be sure to keep you abreast of innovation and tech developments to keep your big day up to date and trendy.

Image Credits: Wedding Technologies from Prostock-studio/Shutterstock