Wedding Planning: 6-Month Checklist for Every Nuptial

Indian wedding plan checklist will enable you to focus on everything carefully and steadily proceed towards your big day. So have a flash, and get inspired! If you are prepared, you will have more time to experience the wedding journey and, most importantly, no worries!!!!

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Plan the Budget: Decide the locality, date, and time of all these wedding ceremonies. Then, draft a rough budget estimate. A wedding planner can help to finalize the venue, catering, decoration, etc. Plan the budget judiciously.

Venue and Caterers: The right venue setting and a mesmerizing atmosphere add the perfect taste to your wedding events and marriage moments. Check policies on rituals, alcohol, postponing, and cancelling of events. Food being an essential part of wedding planning involves choosing the right caterers. You may book your caterer.

Book Vendors: Proper management and coordination is a sure-fire so that different elements can combine beautifully to cherish forever—book vendors – photographer, videographer, DJ, band, etc. A wedding planner can be a perfect deal.

Photographer: Book the photographers and videographers carefully as moments will vanish, but albums & videos will always keep the memories afresh. Check the quality of cameras and expertise in wedding photography.

Hire A Wedding Planner: The Indian wedding planner acts as a catalyst. They guide you through the wedding events to the wedding day and takes immense care for things to go according to your will to make your big day as beautiful and memorable as possible.

Choreographer: Dancing is the essence of wedding entertainment. Let’s add the cherry on the cake and book a choreographer for some marvellous performances to amaze your guests.

Mehndi Artist: The best Mehndi artists are already booked if it is a busy season. Ensure that you bring them on board before anyone else takes away the opportunity.

Perfect Wedding Decor Theme: An innovative and creative wedding decor theme being implemented can bring the surroundings alive by rendering a positive and energetic atmosphere.

Book the Pandit Ji: Book your pandit Ji so that all the rituals and proceedings are correctly followed to make a happy union of the two souls for an eternal journey.

Perfect Groom Attire: Get ready to make all the hot ladies out there jealous. Groom well and be happy to win your princess!

Shop for Princess Wedding Attire: Get the perfect wedding attire for you so that you can blow minds. Get equipped to hit everyone with charming looks of yours on that precious day.

Get Accessories: Brides wedding day accessories will surely enhance the overall outfit and render the finishing touch. So get your shoes, jewelry, hair accessories.

Start Beauty Routines: Start beauty routines some four months ahead of your wedding day. You can plan well for the ultimate wedding day to achieve naturally glowing skin to look gorgeous.

Finalize Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: Visit some parlours and saloons to get an idea of what will eventually suit you. Identify what makeup style and hairstyling work the best beforehand.

Pre-wedding Shoot: You will surely be rejoicing the pre-wedding shoot a lot after your wedding. Try all kinds of poses, some passionate as well as some mad ones too.

Invitation Cards: Start shopping for your invitation cards and tell the world about who the lucky one is! Try to make it look modern and precise.

Comforting Your Guest: Ensure all those who have come to shower all the blessings and make your day even more significant is not left with any wishes unfulfilled. Book comfortable rooms for your guests and check accommodation, facilities, and charges appropriately.

Reconfirm Everything:

1. Establish all the bookings and verify that things are running as per the plan.

2. Verify all the vendors and communicate the final pre-wedding payment to all of them.

3. Give definitive headcount to caterers.

4. Ensure hotel and transport booking is in position.

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