Wedding Decorations: Know before Decorators

A wedding is a unique celebration, and hence every feature of marriage is deemed necessary, including wedding decorations.

Whether it is a modest décor or an expensive task, wedding decoration is a must to install the mood for the event. They strengthen the venue and the celebration.

In addition, good wedding decorations heighten the elegance of the wedding pictures. An extensive range of opportunities is possible, so you can do anything for your wedding decoration depending on how much you are willing to pay.

Let’s try to break down this broad theme to make it effortless to understand the idea. Then, it will help you project and pick a wedding decoration that echoes your personality and vogue assertion.

Platform Backdrop

The stage is the focus domain in the exclusive venue, whether the wedding ceremony or reception. Hence, you have to give distinctive attention to elaborately enhance it. Wedding photographers also hold good stage decor necessary. You can choose from various alternatives. It can be an excellent color scheme to endorse the couple’s couture, statement, or set-up to formulate a romantic ambiance. Stage backdrops could be created in various models; however, there are a few well-known representations that are used:

Paper Floral Backdrop

Large remarkable paper-made flowers are a budget-friendly alternative to set up impressive backdrops. You have the privilege to pick from multiple color blends or flower sizes and types according to your inclination. Artificial fabric flowers and cut-outs also make an excellent backdrop selection. You can draw in a lot of creativity to the accessories with this type of backdrop. 

Fresh Floral Backdrop

Fresh flowers are most regularly used in stage backdrop decor. Using flowers is a traditional way to bring grandeur and life to the ceremony. Floral decorations will make your platform look classy, whether a complete floral wall or creatively spaced flower bouquets. Of course, your wedding decoration budget will determine the selection of flowers. If budget restrictions, use regional flowers like marigold, rose, jasmine, carnation, gerbera. Otherwise, you can combine imported and seasonal bulbs like lilies or orchids. Most of the flower combinations optimally mingle in with lush green foliages of gypsophila.

Theme Based Wedding Decoration

Themes-based wedding decorations, as the name implies, are concept decorations. Currently, it is contemporary to have thematic wedding adornments. A thematic wedding is immediately striking and appends extra flavoring to the wedding. Your wedding theme can be an appropriate color combination or embellish, like a reconstructed movie set-up, palace, or location. But recognize, you will have to balance all the embellishments in the platform and venue to the core theory in a theme wedding.

Wedding Mandap/Altar

Mandaps in a Hindu wedding) and Altars in Christian/Jewish weddings are temporary fabrications under which the central wedding ceremonies are administered. Mandaps have four columns, whereas altars typically have two pillars. You can use fresh wildflowers, colorful drapes, etc., to enhance the structure. Employing garlands of marigold or jasmine is a beautiful yet classy mandap design style. A Mandap/Altar enhances the look and feel of both indoor and outdoor venues. Hence, different religions use them in their wedding rituals.

Fabric Drapes/Curtain

The use of long-flowing fabric drapes is also considered typical to create an elegant stage backdrop. Silk, satin, or chiffon are regularly used as drapes for the stage decor. If there is a distinct color scheme in place, harmonize the draperies with it. The most popular color choices are pink, ivory, red, and gold. Use a combination of two colors, but it’s important to complement it with the venue’s items. Adding a few string lights or decorative hanging lanterns will bring a subtle glow to the atmosphere. A touch of zari borders or a dash of sequin and mirror work will create the extra oomph we all look for in wedding décor.

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