Websites to Watch Hollywood Movies Online

You want to watch a movie, but you donít want to download the same. When you google the websites where you can watch movies online and also for free, there are a couple of names that pop up, but you donít know if it is safe or even legal to spend time on these websites. What do you do in such a situation?

There are a lot of websites for free movie and television viewing. But it is hard to filter the legal from the illegal ones. Some of these websites contain pirated material and even come along with viruses when you began streaming them. But some are safe to browse and can be used to stream movies and television shows for free and without the fear of watching pirated content.

We have listed below 7 websites that lets you browse your favourite shows and movies without ad interruptions or any other forms of breaks in between. Nowadays, you can also stream media content on your smartphones or tablets by downloading apps that are also legal.

Some of these apps donít even ask you to sign up, and all of them are free without requiring you to create a paid account.


YahooView offers free content including some of their original programs. In 2016, they partnered up with Hulu to showcase recent episodes of popular shows from NBC, ABC and Fox. These sites offer even the latest episodes of the shows being broadcasted on these networks.

As of now, Yahoo has stopped producing original content for their website. However, they do provide access to their existing content and recent episodes of other television shows. They also have their collection of Anime shows for this genre of lovers.

Tubi Tv

Tubi Tv is one such platform that is available in the form of an app and even is possible to stream as a website. You can download the Tubi Tv app on your phone, tablet or any other streaming device. Once downloaded, you can begin watching a variety of shows from this world of entertainment.

You can sign up on this app for free, and it lets you sync multiple devices. This comes handy when you have paused midway on one device and choose to continue it on another. With so many advantages, one is sure to think they have only B-grade or independent films available on their platforms.

In reality, this platform holds significant motion pictures from leading Hollywood studios. You can find hundreds of titles from genres like comedy, drama or even action-packed films to suit everyoneís tastes.


Vudu is a little different from the websites mentioned so far. Vudu offers both free and premium content to stream that covers both televisions shows as well as Hollywood movies. But the added benefit is that you can buy or rent the latest blockbuster hits.

The free content includes a wide assortment of classic, modern Hollywood films and classic sitcoms. The disadvantage here is that you may have to encounter advertisements while streaming your show or movie. However, most of these ads are short and do not appear frequently. If you get bored with the free content, you can always access the recent releases.


YouTube is usually synonymous to a website that is full of goofy and silly home videos. While that is true partially, it isnít the whole truth. The site holds about a million home videos, yes but it also covers a variety of television shows and movies.

YouTube users have uploaded movies that are available in the public domain for viewers to watch and more. Most television channels and brands have their very own YouTube channel where they broadcast promos, latest trailers and other inside content. Many of you must be aware that there is never a shortage of videos to watch on this website, which is why YouTube is the most visited website in the world.

YouTube has now come up with a new premium subscription service that will provide access to live television and exclusive YouTube programming. Post depositing a small fee; you can access even more content on the website. You can also download the content you want to watch and then watch the same offline.


Vimeo was born in 2004 a year before YouTube did. Just as YouTube, this website is a video-sharing site. It also has the provision to upload content by users of this website. Vimeo was the first site to support HD video. It quickly became a source for independent filmmakers to share their films with the public.

This website lets you find thousands of movies and short films. Most of these films are available in HD format and are made by both professional, and amateur filmmakers. They have movies ranging from categories in comedy to experimental to action to romance. Most of the films are films are uploaded by small or independent studios, but they also have older classic and foreign films.


ShareTv is more like an online community that is created so that its users can keep track of their favourite shows. This website is designed to hold pages of thousands of episodes from various shows with detailed episode guides, character guides, video clips and community discussion boards.

ShareTV has distribution deals with Hulu and other TV online websites, allowing them to broadcast complete episodes of certain shows. If a few of these shows do not contain full-length episodes, external links are provided to stream the same.


Initially, crackle started as an online video site called Grouper before Sony acquired it. After being reintroduced as Crackle, it is now one of the most popular free video streaming sites online. Crackle has one of the best selection of television shows and Hollywood movies online. If you are one to like older sitcoms, you can surf the website for shows like All in the Family and Whoís the Boss.

They are also one of the few free streaming websites to offer high-quality original scripted content. They have their very own produced original shows including Snatch and Sequestered. While you donít need a membership to Crackle, signing up for a free account allows you to pick up shows and where you left off and keep track of your viewing. To sum it up, Crackle is one of the highest-quality free streaming sites.