Websites to Download Free Movies Absolutely Free

Be it a weekend binge or an impulse decision, anybody and everybody loves to watch movies. So, you decide to watch the film, but you donít have it with you to watch. What do you do then? Venturing to download one from torrent is easy but also risky. It is also illegal. So, what are the safe ways of downloading and watching movies that are perfectly safe and legal at the same time? 

With the emergence of numerous websites that allow you to view movies online and also download them as per your preference, it has now become easier to watch movies for free. The catch, however, in a few of them is that they may seem to be free in the beginning, they ultimately end up asking you to pay the price. 

Bifurcating a free website from the fake ones can be a task if you are not a professional. We have curated for you a list of sites that you can browse and download movies at your convenience. Binge your way through this one!


YouTube has recently changed its policies, and they advocate a free, ad-supported content for its viewers. Although YouTube does not work on its upload movies that are full-length and free, the users of this platform have uploaded full-length feature films for viewers. It offers more than 100 complete feature-length films on its platform.

This makes YouTube a catch of a website to watch movies online as well as by downloading, for free. It is also a perfectly lovely website for those who canít afford the Netflix and Hulu subscriptions. 


Even though Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are focusing more on the Indian audience, Hotstar remains a good source of free streaming and movie download for offline streaming. The application and website of the same have a wide range of free shows and movies that are recently released like Housefull, Raid, Jolly LLB and more. 

The interface of the service is clean and easy to use. Hotstar is available also in the form of an application which is excellent for watching TV shows, sports and news even while travelling.


Similar to YouTube, Vimeo is offering a service that has a good collection of free movies. It goes without saying that the site provides a clean layout which makes it a great place to enjoy free independent film online. It also boasts an extensive collection of documentaries that lovers of the same can binge on. Not many are aware that Vimeo has an On-Demand content section which you can have access to by just paying a certain sum online.


It is one of those websites that have the newly released movies in it as soon as it has hit the theatres. They begin with the CAM version of the film following it with HS movies as soon as these movies become available on other websites as well. You can pick your favourite movies by browsing through the genres available on the website or put in the movie you wish you to watch on the search bar as well. 

This website has even the most top-rated tv shows like Game of Thrones, Sherlock Holmes, amongst others. You can also create a free account for yourself that will help you stay updated with the recent uploads on the website.

The Internet Archive

Internet would be a different ball game without this website. It still powers the earlier stages of Facebook, Google and Yahoo when they had just begun their journey. They have opened a new section called ĎMoviesí where you can browse, watch and download movies as well. They also have an archived section with all the top TV shows on them. 

The archive has over 6000 titles, and all of these movies are readily available to download as per their genre. Aside from English movies, they also have movies that are French, German and Portuguese. They have movies dating back to 1936 when Charlie Chaplin launched Modern Things. Some of the other featured titles include Sex Madness, Night of The Living Dead, The Fast and The Furious, House on Haunted Hill, Sita Sings of the blue among others. 

Pluto TV

This website is an effort to mimic a traditional tv layout and its one of the favourite services of most users of online television. This service offers a range of 75+ TV channels from different categories. They are divided into groups of news, TV, movies, sports and others.

Pluto TV has its form of application that lets you browse and enjoy the content of this website on any device that you own. They also have their movie channel. 

Open Culture

Open Culture is a platform that offers high-quality videos from all across the world. Itís also a platform that is home to free movies, online courses and language lessons. This website was founded in 2006 with six main sections, i.e. Movies, Online Courses, Language Lessons, e-books, Textbooks and Audiobooks. Currently, its movies section hosts about 1500 movies in it that include a unique collection of Oscar-Winning Movies and Charlie Chaplin movies. 

Movies Found Online

This website has a curated list of free movies, independent films and TV shows apart from stand-up comedy video. The site hosts free movies ranging from cult classics to short films to documentaries. Since Movies Found Online doesnít host or upload any media on its own, it certainly gets rid of movies that affect copyright infringement.


Yidio stands for Your Internet Video, which is a platform that has a complete library of content available on Yidio with over 1 million Tv shows and movies. Any user can sign up on this website and add videos to their Watch Later list. This feature can be useful for maintaining your collection of favourite movies. 

The website has an option on top to convert the content to free. Selecting this option will help the website bring you the free content on the site. At the right, there are options to sort content by popularity, date and genre. You can also sieve through these movies by selecting movies as R, PG-13, PG, G, NR and NC-17 rating. 


Vudu has a massive collection of Movies and TV Shows. It is rent and watches service started by Walmart. This website allows you to watch selected movies for free. This website will enable you to watch some videos online for free. Others you can download and watch for free. For this, it is essential that you sign up on the website.

The website has a clean and tidy user interface which makes accessibility easy to use. Their top genres are Comedy, Adventure, Drama, Romance and Action. They have The Karate Kid collection, The Matrix, Lawless, The Baby Genius and many others.


The websites listed above are best and safe free movies to watch by downloading them on your multiple devices. As they say, there are no free lunches. Similarly, some services use legal ways to offer services and earn some income. However, these sites listed above are without any piracy and unsafe practices. Hence, start your binge-a-thon NOW!