Web Development Trends 2018

Web Development Trends

Website development has gone tremendous change over the years. In the coming year, there are a plethora of changes that are expected. There are various trends that changing rapidly and in order to remain successful and building a brand, it is essential to keep up to date with the changes in these trends.

By means of exploring the coming trends and implementing them before everyone does, it can ensure the success of the business.

Mentioned below are the top web development trends that are going to have a wide impact in the year 2018:

  1. Push Notifications

The push notification is a quite an essential and robust tool which is highly being used by best website development companies like Ramotion to send their information directly to the users. The user gets notified almost instantly with the push notification regarding different changes made in sales, news, traffic update or even cricket score.

They are a great way to communicate and interact with the users on the website, and it is quite an innovative method and also increase the overall engagement of the audience without any additional charges. The users are provided with the choice to authorize to get the notification started.

This feature will surely going to get adopted by various websites in this year as it provides a great method to update the users instantly.

  1. Interactive Chatbots

When it is about businesses, it is essential for them to remain in constant touch with the customers and users at all time. Chatbots act as excellent software that allows written along with an oral conversation with the customers.

It allows your website to be contacted by the user at any time from anywhere without any requirement of customer service department which can be quite a hassle. Chatbot development is going to pick up the pace in 2018 as there is huge and progressive research that is undergoing in order to increase the accuracy as well as the humanized tendency for these chatbots.

These chatbots are particularly designed to provide answers to frequently asked and common queries that customers have. The customers are then redirected to various information pages or any relevant website page. Along with this, if the customer needs to complete a transaction, Chatbots can assist them in a great deal.

Every good web development company is trying its best to incorporate Chatbots in its structure as it is quite user-friendly as well as helpful to the website and the users. So, you can certainly expect them to grow up in the websites in this year.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

AI has gained quite a popularity in the year 2017, and the trend will continue to rise in this year. It remained to be the most searched keywords according to Google’s analysis. The AI has taken the world by storm by way of increasing the communication online with the assistance of neural network technology. Without any doubt, the AI development along with its use in various web products will continue to increase. It will also increase the overall productivity across various industries as well as help in promoting economic development. More businesses will transfer a website to inculcate AI in their website.

  1. Progressive Web Apps

People are now more addicted to their smartphones and various apps as they keep getting simpler to use as well as easy to understand. This same format is now incorporate in Progressive website applications. These applications can be used similar to various mobile applications, but essentially they are websites.

With the growing reduction in dependency on the mobile-only environment as well as increased freedom of getting logged in from any device, web apps provide different features which are certainly luring the businesses towards them. Along with that, they can also offer the user, an experience like an app and the user can work offline too along with the information is stored in the cache of the browser.

It is quite a trustworthy one with features similar to push notifications. The maintenance cost associated with the Progressive web apps is quite small. These apps can easily be developed quite quickly, and they are also beneficial to the developers as well as the users. As the industry is getting to know more about its capabilities, in the year 2018, we can certainly expect more progressive web apps flooding the market owing to the increase in user-friendliness of these apps.

  1. PHP 7

PHP is still the most appreciated open source programming language among the developers owing to its simplicity, and like its previous versions, PHP 7 will continue to be adopted by millions of developers.

It is a great tool for developing efficient and effective CMS or Content Management Systems. A PHP code can easily be integrated across various platforms as it offers complete and entire flexibility to the developers.

It is quite versatile and provides various add-ons as well as extensions and frameworks. In case you wish to create a website at an affordable price then PHP should be the first choice as it supports the demand of open source databases.

This is why most of the best web development company choose PHP as a preferred programming language for CMS. It is quite simple, instant as well as an open source to develop attractive websites.

  1. Solo Page based Websites

There are numerous websites which consist of all the information on their single web page. To visit any particular section, all the user has to do is scroll or click on the link.

Essentially, the entire information is made available on one single long page. These websites are quite simple as well as easier to understand and navigate. The best part of these websites is that single page website concept is quite a hit when it comes to smartphones. It allows the user to simply scroll and navigate the required section by simply tapping on the link. Along with this, the development is not costly. SEO-friendliness of these websites are another key feature. More small businesses will soon move to single page websites in 2018 which makes it the web development trend of the year 2018.

  1. Financial Products based on Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have become a recent phenomenon in recent years with increased adoption by millions of people in the year 2017, and their value is increasing at an astonishing rate. With the growing interest of the people, there are few online marketplaces which started to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins.

The acceptance of these cryptocurrencies in e-commerce reflects that online stores will soon require to develop or even integrate a payment gateway for digital payments through cryptocurrencies.

CIOs are also booming alongside it. It is easier to assume that we will see more cryptocurrency-based web products along with exchange sites, marketplaces and digital wallets as well as some unexpected development which will certainly grab the attention in 2018.

  1. Motion and 3D based Interactive User Interfaces

Integration of motion pictures, optimized ones especially, along with the 3D graphics will be used by a lot of websites in order to attract viewers. With the apparent changes in the Google’s algorithm, the video content is now getting higher priority in SEO too.

User interface plays a key role in any website. The major focus of any web development company is to create a user interface which is not only user-friendly but also easier to navigate.

The user interface with motions provides the ability to create animations as well motions and actions in order to highlight the key sections of the website. It is quite a creative method to navigate as well as increase the engagement of the users.

The user interfaces in motion can also be customized as per the requirement to create more alluring websites. One can utilize this on the website in this year is willing to become the leader in this rising trend.

Apart from all these trends, there are various other web development sectors which might shock you in this year which will bring great changes in the industry. These trends will change the course of web development in this year and will increase the user-friendliness and engagement of the audience.