Ways to Start a Conversation on a Dating Website

Dating Website

There is a large number of websites in all areas of life ranging from simple hobbies, interest groups, resources for solving production issues to global business systems. Today dating websites are of significant importance for users who want to find a friend, a like-minded person, a companion or a life partner.

Everybody Has Their Own Needs and Wishes

It can be difficult for us to find the right person in real life but it is much easier to do so on the Internet. What should be done to achieve this? First, you need to choose a dating website and register on it. Having filled out the form with your information and having attached photos, you can start the search.

If you have similar professions, hobbies or desires, then you will certainly find a common language. Read the user profile on the website, view his/her photos. Is there anything that interests you? If the answer is Yes, you can try writing a message.

How to Begin a Conversation

Do not be afraid to write first. Any person will be pleased to know that he/she is interesting to someone. A person will surely like that he/she was singled out from a huge mass of users of a dating website. But you should not start a conversation with boring hackneyed phrases like Hello! How are you? What are you doing?” Start the message with an open dialogue. Write what exactly interested you. Give a compliment, rate his/her photos, ask where and when they were taken.

If the first introductory message attracts a new friend, he/she will definitely answer you. Try to write correctly, without mistakes, let them know that you are an educated person. Build sentences correctly, put commas where required in the text. Write openly and honestly. Be sure to say a few words about yourself so that your interlocutor understands who he/she is talking to and whether you are interesting to him/her.

What to Talk About

Ask tactfully and unobtrusively. Tell about your interests and hobbies, about your upcoming vacation plans. Your interlocutor will probably be interested to know what you dream about, where you would like to go. Among all these topics there will certainly be some common ground. And perhaps not even one. Try to interest your new friend from the first minutes. This will help you to continue the dialogue.

Include feelings and emotions in your stories that will arouse curiosity, joy, or empathy. If you are able to get to know each other and chat, the next step will be a real conversation, for example, in a video chat. When communicating in person in front of a webcam, behave naturally. Be yourself. Do not dress to impress, keep your hairstyle and makeup simple. Let your new friend see you as an open-minded person ready to build a relationship.

What to Say in the First Message if You Are a Guy

Young men tend to compliment girls. Therefore, do not skimp on pleasant words, but do not be a hypocrite. Appearances can be deceiving. Just by talking you will understand the breadth of the human soul. Each girl has her own positive qualities that can be noted and appreciated.

Almost all girls and women, regardless of age, love when somebody finds them interesting. Tactfully ask who your new acquaintance works with, what he/she is fond of in their free time. Being rude is absolutely out of the question. You should not demand a photo from her personal album. And asking about former partners and husbands is, at least, indecent.

If you have already exchanged phone numbers after the messages, try calling. Say that you are bored, that she has a pleasant voice, and that you really want to meet in real life. However, do not rush the girl with the answer, let her consider your suggestion to meet.

Any woman wants to feel secure and have a reliable companion beside her. She wants to feel his moral and financial support. But do not make promises about marriage or cohabitation. Do not reassure her until you are ready for such an important step.

What to Say in the First Message if You Are a Girl

It is very important for a girl to attract attention. Therefore, in her profile very often there are photos processed in Photoshop. Our recommendation is as follows: be sincere and natural. After all, sooner or later you will have to open your true face. Write good messages, share your emotions about work, hobbies and travels. But do not bother your friend with your problems too much. Do not complain about loneliness, boring work and surroundings. Show the brightness of thought, cheerfulness and benevolent attitude.

Do not open all the cards about yourself at once. Keep the intrigue that attracts a man. Remain a mystery to him. In this case he will be more willing to meet with you again. If you are ready to video chat, try to connect on time. Be punctual – don’t make him wait for you.

Smile often while talking, tell funny and cheerful life stories. Be interested in your interlocutor, listen to him. Try to tactfully end the conversation. Demonstrate your sincere interest and good manners. Do not demand any promises or put pink glasses on ahead of time. Only long-term communication can tell if you are ready to start a family with a certain person.


Dating websites are the most affordable way to communicate and find a life partner. It takes a lot of time and effort to find the right person with whom you can connect and spend your life. Be careful not to run into scammers. Do not rush to real meetings and do not share personal data. Do not make hasty conclusions. Do not be fooled by a bright appearance that can be deceitful.

If the messages appear to be sincere and emotional, then a person writes with good intentions. Only when you have talked in messages, chat, or by phone you can arrange a real meeting. Even when staying close and not saying anything, you can be happy and calm. The main thing is to feel each other and look one way. If you feel such a sensation, then you have definitely found a person dear and close to you.

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