Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss is a severe condition that can affect the quality of your life. It can lead to social isolation, lower standards of living for lack of a job, and lack of connection with friends and family. Luckily, there are several ways that hearing loss can be mitigated, one of them being the use of hearing aids. Digital hearing aids use the latest technology to sharpen your hearing, so you can understand conversations more clearly. Hearing loss cannot always be prevented. It is a common problem as people age. However, there are still a few things that you could do to prevent it. Here are some of them.

1. Avoid loud noises

Loud music can be tempting. It is something, primarily the young people identify with. They play loud music over the weekends as they relax in their houses, they are exposed to it at the clubs and so on. What they do not realize as time goes by, it affects the quality of hearing. You start to realize that you have to raise your voice while talking to people, you have a hard time hearing what people around you are saying, and you get the ringing sound after listening to music.

Avoid putting speakers on full volume. Also, minimize the usage of earphones, and if you have to, use ones that have a noise reduction feature.

2. Protect your ears while attending big events

Music and cheer is usually the real meat of any big event. As fun as dance and screaming at the top of your lungs maybe, you are exposing your ears to potential damage. While attending such events, you should consider staying away from the speakers. You can also take breaks every twenty to thirty minutes by moving to spaces that have no noise. If you have earplugs, this should even be better: make use of them. You will be doing your ears a big favor.

3. Take precaution while at work

Workers dealing with machinery and at construction sites are usually more exposed to noise. Some employers take health precaution and provide these workers with protective equipment such as earmuffs. Most workers do not take them seriously. They are crucial as they protect you from the effects of continued exposure to noise. If you have an alternative to using quieter equipment, please do not hesitate.

If our employer does not provide protective equipment, it is advisable to speak to the HR or manager to come up with measures that will protect you from loud noises at the workplace.

4. Get your hearing tested

Just like you book appointments with your doctor for regular check-ups, you need to do the same with an audiologist. A hearing test is vital, especially if you start noticing issues with your ears. The earlier a problem is identified, the easier it will be to curb it. Who knows: you could be saved from a permanent hearing loss.

If you work in noisy environments or continuously exposed to noise, you need to schedule check-ups at least once a year to have the status of your hearing checked. The practices listed above will go a long way in ensuring that your hearing remains intact even in old age.

Image credit: hearing aid via edwardolive/Shutterstock