5 Ways Marketers Can Use 360-Degree Video Right Now

360 degree videos are the latest thing in the Marketer’s arsenal. The use of 360 degree videos is really coming into its own with social media companies such as Facebook and Instagram now allowing users to upload their own 360 degree videos.

360 degree video is so much more interactive then your standard base video, it allows the users to be part of the atmosphere and really enjoy the video they are watching. It sets an unprecedented level of engagement that every marketer wishes they had. There are five key things that every marketer needs to know about 360 degree videos and their use:

  1. It helps promote brand awareness like never before. The use of 360 degree videos is the latest technology bubble, and so people will naturally be drawn to companies that use it as part of their marketing strategy. If you work in the technology space or with companies that are located in that space, you need to seriously consider using 360 degree videos as a marketing tool. The brand will look fresh, new and up to date with the latest technology. Sports and event companies are now engaging with 360 degree videos like never before, to show live action using 360 degree videos. The 360 degree enhancements allow the user to see all the benefits of products being used all at the same time rather than several static videos.

  1. Enables more dynamic user engagement. Placing this in the sports arena will allow users to be more interactive and engaging with both the other players and the environment as they will be drawn more into the experience. It improves both their overall fun and they will be able to have a much better view of what is going on with the game being played.
  1. 360 degree videos are not the same as drag images. Five years ago there was a huge trend in developing drag videos. They were first pioneered by hotels that let users move their mouse over an image and the image would turn or walk around the room in whichever direction the user had selected. The technology then passed onto the sales market with companies like Flix Media using 3D images to let a user rotate and flip around an image in a static way. 360 degree videos get rid of the static images that were used for these purposes and let the user move around the image in practically real time to see what is happening when the device or item is being used. Static images are now outdated and will soon be replaced by 360 degree videos.
  1. 360 degree videos take up less space than conventional videos or multiple images that would be required to let the user see the same thing. Remember that whole annoying debate you had about what images to use due to bandwidth and website constraints. Well, you can kiss those goodbye. The new 360 degree videos can be compressed and uploaded onto a server using less memory usage than a traditional (older) video or multiple images it would take to allow the user to see everything that a 360 degree video is letting them see now. This improves quality and time spent on the site searching for what they want.
  1. 360 degree videos will be spearheaded into a new age because the action sports and gaming industry. Brands are already starting to incorporate 360 degree video technology into their marketing mix by engaging with influencers to get the video experiences into their audiences’ hands with the use of influencers. Brands like 888 sponsor influential players like Jennifer Tilly to amplify live event videos to an audience that’s eager to see them.

Every marketer needs to get in on the ground level with 360 degree video technology as soon as they can, even if it is simply uploading something to their social media.

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