5 ways AI is really impacting your life

Technology is developing every day, and each year we’re getting newer forms of technology that improve and enhance our lives. It’s important we embrace this change as much as we possibly can and work toward incorporating it into our daily lives. There’s no question that AI will become more mainstream in the years to come, in fact, Towards Data Science revealed that 38% of consumers believe AI is going to improve customer service significantly.

Artificial intelligence has always seemed like some great futuristic concept that was always part of the realm of science-fiction. But, it seems that AI is becoming a much greater part of our reality these days, and this is most definitely going to improve our lives in the long run. These are five essential ways AI is impacting and influencing your life moving forwar

Improve business


1. Virtual assistants

The concept of the AI virtual assistant is something that will become much more widespread in a few years’ time. But, this is something that we are starting to see the beginnings of in our society right now. The fact of the matter is that the growth of smartphones and the development of smart technology has started to introduce this into our daily lives. In the next few years, AI virtual assistants will become a massive part of our lives moving forward.

2. Automated transport

This is something that we are beginning to see being integrated already, and it looks set to get much better in the future. Things like driverless cars have hit the news in the past few years, and there are plans to expand the number of different transport methods that are driverless.

The percentage of Americans who consider driverless vehicles unsafe dropped from 74% in 2017 to 47% in 2018. This shows that technology and AI are beginning to move in the right direction, and this is something that is going to massively impact upon all of our futures.

3. Smart homes

As we touched on earlier, homes have become smarter in the past few years, and this is something that is having a major impact on the future. Consider the different developments that have occurred with modern technology, and how these are improving our homes. Things like smart speaker systems, such as Amazon Echo, not to mention refrigerators that can buy groceries when you have run out, are all becoming more popular.

Indeed, even industry heavyweights such as Samsung have predicted that they will have more AI-led appliances on the market by 2020 – watch this space.

4. Improve business

One of the key areas in which we are likely to see AI become much more widespread is in the world of business. This is so important because companies need to adapt and evolve in order to become more of a success.

We are already seeing how technology is reshaping the workforce through things like cloud technology and virtual offices. The future could see robots and machines taking over some tasks within businesses. This will make things much more efficient, as well as freeing up money at the same time.

Improve business


5. Security

Because everything happens in the digital landscape these days, the importance of cybersecurity is greater than ever. And, it is clear that AI is the perfect choice for enhancing modern digital security and helping keep our sensitive data safe. The fact is that machines can’t be blackmailed, they don’t worry about things like tiredness, and they don’t fall foul of human error. In the future, AI security is going to make both private and professional lives a whole lot safer and more secure.

There are a lot of ways in which artificial intelligence is going to impact your life, and it will have more of an effect than you realise. The fact is, the world is evolving and changing every year, and it is important to embrace this as much as possible. If you can think of any other amazing ways AI is going to have an impact on our lives in the future, please let us know in the comments section.