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Instagram growth

Have you ever used Instagram for marketing or advertisement? If the answer is yes, you surely know how growth on Instagram can be challenging. As well as facing many challenges, gaining more followers on Instagram is a time-consuming process which needs implementing different strategies. Sometimes, companies dedicate a notable budget for advertisement on great Instagram pages to gain new followers. However, they would not reach the goal they expect. But why?

Well, the main reason is that growth, marketing and advertisement on Instagram are not exactly what many people may expect. Never delude yourself by the great number followers of an Instagram page as in many cases, most of them are fake followers. 

This is exactly where you will need Instamber Instagram bot. What really matters in Instagram, like any other social media platform, is to have real followers with high engagement. So, it is essential to apply effective strategies to grow on Instagram and gain lots of new followers in this great social network.

Now, you may ask how Instamber is going to help you. In fact, Instamber is an Instagram marketing tool. By using Instamber, you can manage several Instagram accounts in its dashboard without having to switch between them and you will have a systematic marketing plan to grow the number of your target audience.

Consequently, you only need to register in Instamber and set your initial settings. Afterwards, Instamber will run automatically and perform all the actions you need 24 hours a day.

In the following section, we are going to explain what Instamber offers for marketing and growth in Instagram.

Instagram Automation

Launching this service is really easy and won’t take more than just a few minutes. All you need to do is to define your target audience in Instamber’s dashboard based on related hashtags, location or even your competitors’ pages. Instamber will start interacting with them on your behalf using its AI in order to encourage them to follow you or engage with your posts. Don’t forget to make your page as attractive as possible. Interacting with them by following them, liking their posts and commenting on them make them get back to your page and if only they find it interesting, they would follow it!

Performing all these actions could be a really challenging and time-consuming process for an individual person. Whereas, using Instamber Instagram robot, you can manage your account easily and effortlessly.

You can also define hashtags related to your business, so Instamber automatically likes and comments on posts with these hashtags.

What really makes Instamber Instagram bot noteworthy is the possibility to select a specific geographic area to attract the attention of Instagram users located in that area. It means that by choosing your desired areas, Instamber automatically follows, likes and comments on the posts of people who already have published posts in those areas.

Scheduled Posts

Instamber supports scheduling different post types including photos, videos and so on. By applying this service, you can publish your texts, photos and videos, in predefined times. Besides that, it allows you to schedule posts of your different accounts independently. Here are some of the advantages of Instamber posts scheduler:

  • Scheduling posts for predefined times
  • Having photo editor and also adding watermark to them
  • Adding proper hashtags
  • Adding the first comment
  • Adding captions to the posts

Instamber Comment Manager

As you know, one of the most challenging tasks for people and brands with great Instagram accounts is to manage and check the comments. Managing all the comments through Instagram’s mobile app doesn’t sound feasible for sure. Using Instamber, you can observe, classify and manage all the comments you receive. To do so, you can mark some of them as important to be responded later and when done mark them as resolved, delete unwanted comments or reply them instantly all through a PC dashboard. You’ll be sure you won’t miss any comment on your posts using this way.

Send Automated Direct Message in Bulk

One of the most useful options for marketing on Instagram and interacting with your followers is the capability to send them direct messages. However, when you are marketing on Instagram, you are getting more and more followers each day and you surely don’t have enough time to send them a welcome message. Instamber auto direct message service allows you to write a message, add photo and video to it and send it automatically to all your audiences.

How does Instamber auto direct message robot work? There is a “Direct Automatic” option on your followers’ panel on Instamber which allows you to write your message and choose the audience. Afterwards, each person who follows you will receive a welcome direct message or any other message you want.

Instamber Weblog

If you are looking for new tips and tricks on using Instagram or you want to earn money with your Instagram account, we suggest visiting Instamber blog.

Image Credits: Instagram growth from YimJi WK/Shutterstock