Want A Perfect YouTube Downloader? Go For the Unrivalled InsTube

Have you ever visited YouTube only to realize that the most favorite video or music has expired or is not available? The experience is heartbreaking! Now, you have a solution for the problem; the InsTube downloader. The downloader has created a new way of focusing and enjoying YouTube music and videos. In this post, we dig deeper into InsTube to establish why it is the unrivaled downloader everybody should have.

What exactly is InsTube?

InsTube is an app designed by InsTube for downloading YouTube videos and music. The target of InsTube was to give YouTube enthusiasts a new lease of life by taking entertainment to a whole new level. Notably, InsTube invested heavily in gathering clients’ feedbacks that made the app easy to personalize for better results. Using their experts in apps development, InsTube further managed to expand the functionalities of the software to capabilities of accessing and downloading music and videos from other media. This is a closer evaluation of why InsTube is the unrivaled music and video downloader.

Downloading and using music using InsTube is easy

When looking for a YouTube music downloader, many people are interested in getting apps that are easy to use. To be specific, people do not want to go to the trouble of coding or lengthy waiting procedures. InsTube is engineered to make installation easy without needing extension plugins. Here is the main process of using InsTube downloader in just 4 simple steps.

  • Visit the InsTube home page on the phone browser to access and download the app. This is important since the app is not available in the Google App store because the latter discourages YouTube downloads.
  • Install the InsTube music downloader on your phone. For people in Android platforms, you must allow the phone or your device to accept downloads from third parties for the installation to proceed.
  • Once successfully installed, open the app and check for the preferred song on the InsTube browser. Then, open the specific song or video for the downloader to capture all the components of the track.
  • Select the preferred output format. At this point, you need to understand the actual device that will be used to watch the video or music. However, most of the smartphones will pick the default format that functions in the device being used to download the music.

It is free for those using Android devices

Many music downloading apps are designed by for profit organizations that attach a price or payment plans. However, InsTube is designed to work for free in smartphones and devices running on Android platforms. This means that you can enjoy the music downloader without incurring any additional cost either for buying the music or the app.

The app comes with special security features

Over the recent past, concerns for cyber security have become extra critical as cyber criminals go high tech. Cognizant of this emerging danger, InsTube has designed one of the best security systems to keep the app, your device, and personal data safe. You are guaranteed of total safety when using the app in the following ways;

  • InsTube used the latest technology to craft a winning app that is extra secure and difficult to hack.
  • The designer releases regular updates that ensure the YouTube music downloader is always safe. Note that these updates do not simply focus on keeping the app safer, but also to enhance the user experience.
  • The music downloader has a special Video Locker feature that stores all videos and music in a special video that is not easily accessible by intruders.

InsTube allows the user to select the targeted output

One of the most annoying things when downloading music and videos from YouTube is following the process only to establish that the programs available cannot play the tracks. In many cases, users are forced to look for converters that raise the cost and take longer to download. In other instances, many people not willing to follow the lengthy procedure simply delete the tracks and look for alternatives. InsTube was invented to comprehensively address this problem.

When downloading a video or music using InsTube, the last stage involves selecting the preferred format. Whether you will watch the video or music on the laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone, InsTube is there to do the conversion automatically to formats such as MP4, MP3, M4A, and 3GP. It is this easy. Simply select the preferred output and start playing the videos immediately the download is complete.

InsTube usability goes beyond YouTube download

The core target of engineering InsTube was to download YouTube music and videos. However, the engineers and marketing experts went a step ahead to expand its usability. Unlike other video downloaders that are highly specific, InsTube can be used across a wider range of media. You can download videos and music from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Vevo, Toad, Vuclip, Skymovies, Funnyordie and Pnguda among others. Therefore, no matter the media where your preferred video is located, the chances are that you can download and store in personal drives for regular access.

The app is very light and greatly accelerates the downloads

The user experience on any online platform, product or access to content has become the bottom line when working on any digital product. InsTube went to great lengths in ensuring that the app is light and can work on most smartphones. Whether you are using the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 Note or Sony Xperia among others with standard RAM, the performance will be highly satisfactory.

Once you install the InsTube correctly, it utilizes the latest technology that accelerates downloads and operation without consuming or exhausting the app RAM. Whether you only have a couple of minutes in a free Wi-Fi in a hyper-store, simply set the app to start downloading music free and it will be through by the end of shopping.


If you love to download music from YouTube, the first step should be picking an appropriate platform. InsTube app has proven to be highly reliable and efficient for Android operating systems. Note that you have to start by downloading the app and installing it on the smartphone.