VSDC Free Video Editor Review – A Quick Video Editor for Beginners

first screen

Video editing can be tough if you don’t use the right way to edit your videos. You will quickly lose interest and say bye bye to your zeal from within, that made you try video editing for the first time.

I have been using video editors from past few years and I have had a privilege of using some of the finest video editors available. Recently I came across VSDC Free Video Editor which made me realize how intuitive interface can help you in the process of editing videos.

Once you download VSDC Video Editor Free Edition, latest version being 5.7.7, the first screen you will see number of pre-defined templates of things you want to do. Be it creating a slideshow, or to capture you screen-flow all of these and more options can be seen here, check photo before with screenshot of the first screen on VSDC.

first screen

Below you will find the video editor screen, which has a timeline at the bottom and you can use your raw video footage with some special filers and effects. To add more objects you will see a button on the second menu at top left corner, from there you can easily add a video, audio and other file formats you want to insert in your project.

There are many filters and effects at your disposal that can be used at will. I made a video in mere 10-15 mins which can seen below. I just imported images, added the sound and exported it to YouTube.

Check the video :

The Free Editor has support of many formats like AVI, MKV, WMV, MPG, MP4 etc. and also there are many useful transitions, audio effects, video filter to play with. It’s easy to make a video in VSDC, and once you are completed you can save your project using preconfigured export profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram or even upload it directly to YouTube.

export screen

With the latest version of VSDC, they have incorporated the stabilization (available in PRO version), many new visual effect and exporting files to Instagram directly that will have all the recommended settings to be uploaded on Instagram.

Some good features that I really liked are :

  • It provides tons of exporting formats and direct upload to social media
  • It works with all versions of Windows operating system and bare minimum hardware requirement.
  • Screen recording works pretty amazingly, it allows you to record partial screens that can be used to showcase presentations, seminars or for blogging purposes.
  • Auto backup of projects to save your time and you can even roll back at point of time.
  • Lightweight setup, doesn’t require too flashy hardware.


After making the video, and going through all the options I would recommend using this free video editor for all the beginners that want to get ahead in video editing as this software is easy and quick to learn and you don’t need to spend too much time to look for the features that it has.