Vietnam: Safe Travelling Tips for Women

Vietnam is a nation where tourism is flourishing, and the regular backpacker trail of Southeast Asia is now attracting more wealthy visitors and solo sightseers.

One of the most stunning features of Vietnam as a terminus is that although it is a relatively affordable country to explore, it is also one of the most uncontroversial destinations in Southeast Asia.

However, there are distinct factors to consider when looking at your safety if you are a woman traveling in Vietnam. Taking a few safeguards can undoubtedly help ensure your safety.

Here are some safety recommendations for women traveling in Vietnam!

Women and Dress

When it arrives at the attitudes of the Vietnamese towards women touring solo, one aspect worth thinking about is that Vietnam is still quite a conservative country. Many women wear a dummy wedding ring as a decoy to evade questions about their marital status. Clothing can influence the way that men act towards women in Vietnam. The best option is to follow the local women’s style and cover-up when steering into the town or city center. Some women who do go out sporting skimpy tops and skirts have reported some instances of being propositioned, although there are very few grave crimes that do take place in the nation.

Theft and Petty Crime

One of the most familiar problems in Vietnam is that petty crimes like pickpocketing and theft of items such as laptops, cameras, and rucksacks can happen. However, good common sense can help reduce the chances of this happening and trying to avoid making yourself a target is a bit of sage advice. Keep any valuables hidden in a bag you keep close to yourself and avoid holding a camera or sunglasses on a belt around your neck in populated places.

Scams and Begging

There are many ways some unethical retailers, taxi drivers, and other service providers can try to catch out visitors to the country. Try and research the tour company you will employ if you schedule a trip around some significant sights. Some people have conveyed having tours that are very distinct from the advertised itinerary. Begging is pretty standard, mainly in tourist areas, but most beggars will leave you unattended if you say no.

Behavior and Cultural Considerations

Many people in Vietnam live humble lives, so try to be considerate and dodge displaying excessive wealth or costly clothing and jewelry in areas. Like anywhere else, portraying wealth will not only draw petty criminals but may also trigger some emotions of resentment from local people. One crucial thing to bypass is drugs, and while they may be available, the penalties can be severe.

Money and Documentation

Losing cash, passport, and visa can be a problem for travelers, so, when feasible, ensure that you utilize the safe in the hotel and bear a photocopy of your documents. One good piece of advice is to use a money belt that can be sported inside clothing while using an inner pocket that cannot be reached without emptying a jacket can also be an intelligent action.

Final Thoughts

Try not to hold everything in one place, as failing your money, wallet, and documentation in one shot is something we all want to evade while traveling. Try to be in group and avoid lonely places.

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