VideoProc Review

When it comes to processing of video, most of the people face a lot of trouble. There is a plethora of video processing software out there, but none of them fulfils the requirements. We have researched a lot of such software and found that some of them are better than others but still lack essential features. Most of them lack support for GPU acceleration. But we stumbled upon a great video processing software, and it goes by name VideoProc. It is a one-stop video processing software which has multiple features and helps in the processing of videos from GoPro and iPhone. It also has a high-speed media converter and a lot more.

One of the key characteristics of VideoProc is its intuitive interface which makes the video processing like a piece of cake. VideoProc is software which peaks Level-3 hardware acceleration, duly powered by Intel, NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. It delivers very smooth 4K video editing as well as transcoding without even compromising with the quality. It has GPU acceleration which can speed up the entire video encoding and decoding process by a great margin. It has full hardware acceleration that is 47C real-time faster. It has a unique and distinct technology which can expedite video processing and transcoding while optimizing file size as well as output video quality.

It has many simple editing tools which make it easier for the user to process the videos. It can process as well as touch up different large 4K/HD footages from DJI, GoPro, smartphones like iPhones etc. in quite an easy as well as non-destructive way.

Letís look at these tools.

  1. Cut

By using this tool, you can easily shorten any video, chop away any of the unwanted segments and even rearrange clips in any type of sequence before you upload the video to YouTube or any other type of UGC sites. Using this software, a video file can easily be cut before carrying out any other editing operations like splitting.

  1. Crop

VideoProc allows you to easily crop any video in order to eliminate black bar, remove any type of distracting portions, zoom in and even highlight the focal point. You can also improvise the image composition or even change the aspect ratio. Also, you can easily expand the video in order to meet the aspect ratio requirement for the purpose of YouTube uploading, as well as widescreen playback and much more.

  1. Subtitle

This software provides different subtitle features like enable, disable and even export subtitle. You can choose subtitle track, add (soft code or hardcode) external subtitle files such as .ass, .srt, .ssa to any of your videos and even search subtitles online for TV episodes and movies.

  1. Effect

VideoProc allows you to easily apply different preset visual effects as well as filters like Grayscale, Edge, Mirror, Painting and Sharpen to your own video tracks. It can quick mould the videos to artify and stylize them. It allows you to fine-tune colours, contrast, image brightness, hue, saturation and gamma.

  1. Rotate / Flip

It allows you to rotate your video left or right which means clock-wise and counter-clockwise at 90, 180 as well as 270 degrees. You can even mirror flip the videos horizontally or vertically.

  1. Merge

It enables you to easily merge different video fragments such as MKV, MP4, MOV, AVI into one single H264 file. It has unique MKV Multi-Track feature that allows you to easily combine multiple audio/video/subtitle tracks in a single MKV file.


VideoProc also has very easy as well as advanced Editing features which are covered in the toolbox. It is easy to get started. It allows you to edit 4K and HD videos in a very streamlined workflow. Some of its features are:

  1. Stabilize- Stabilizing shaky video footages from iPhone, GoPro etc.,
  2. Noise Removal- Removing unwanted wind noise/background easily.
  3. Make GIF- You can turn your video into GI and even extract png/jpg from the video as well as resize the image.
  4. Lens Correction- You can easily correct fisheye lens distortion from any of your action cam videos.
  5. Add Watermark- You can easily watermark your videos with logo, text, image or even timecode.
  6. MakeMKV- You can pass through the video streams into MKV format without any encoding.
  7. Create M3U8- You can build an M3U8 playlist with single or different .ts files from the HTTP streaming.
  8. Enhance Video- You can force audio/video sync, adjust audio volume and playback speed.

Adjusting 4K/HD videos from Different Devices

Using VideoProc, you can process 4K/HD videos from any type of device.

  1. GoPro

VideoPro works with any type of video that you have shot from DJI, GoPro, iPhone, Android, camcorder or any type of 4K cameras whether mirrorless or DSLR.

If your videos are shaking and wobbling or the footage looks really bad after uploading, VideoProc has the solution. It is skilled at processing the GoPro slow-motion/4K/SuperView videos. You can easily and instantly fix any type of shaky mountain bike videos, merge your surging or travel clips and even remove Fisheye. Also, you are able to easily batch compress the videos by over 90% to allow you to save disk storage. You can also transcode 4K HEVC for much easier Instagram and YouTube sharing while keeping the best quality.

  1. iPhone

It is engineered for iPhone as it provides a one-stop solution in order to cut/edit/highlight videos, shrink any oversized 4K videos in order to free up space on iPhone and hence liberate you from the video upload limit irrespective of file size, resolution 4K/1080p, codec HEVC or frame rate of 60/120/240 fps. It is quite a great performer to easily encode your AVI, MKV, FLV, WMV etc. files for smoother playback on your iPhone.

High-Speed Media Conversion

VideoProc comes with a quality-oriented high-speed media converter. Its key features are:

  1. A-to-B video conversion

It encompasses 370 input codes as well as over 420 output formats. It is a great 4K-capable video converter that makes all type of simple as well as complex transcoding demands easily come true. For instance, MKV to iPhone/MP4, H264 to H265 (HEVC), AVI to YouTube as well as 3D to 2D. It is quite possible to compress any large video size by over 90% with just a little pixel-level quality difference. You can upscale as well as downscale the videos. You can also Auto Copy and even Adjust Quality.

  1. Audio Converter and Extractor

Audio jobs are quite seamless with this software. You can easily convert any audio between different formats such as AMR, MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAX etc. with Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound, and even extract audio from any video as well as fast copy the audio easily bit-for-bit from a particular source to AAC, MP3, AC3, DTS, DTS-HD etc. without loss of quality.

  1. Fastest DVD conversion

It can easily convert a feature-length DVD, DVD folders and ISO CDR disk images to widely used MP4 in a matter of 5 minutes to extremely compressed, multi-track MKV, HEVC and a large variety of formats playback on iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, HDTV, VLC, Xbox etc. You can copy any DVD by 1:1 ration with the original quality. Homemade DVDs, as well as copy-protected commercial DVDs, are also supported by this software.

  1. Download

You can easily download online music, videos, playlists as well as channels from over 1000 UGC websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, SoundCloud and Twitch.

You can easily convert any of your downloaded videos to MP3, MP4, Android, iPhone etc. You can easily record live streams and batch download videos which include your own YouTube Watch Later Playlist. You can also search for matched subtitle texts online for TV series and movies. You can even use a proxy server in order to download media contents.

Screen Recording

VideoProc is a powerful yet simple screen recorder software. For people like sports lovers, gamers, educators etc. it is the go-to-tool to easily record presentations, gameplay, webinars, streaming video, Skype call, create vlogging, podcasts, screencasts, software reviews and even video instructions which make it easier to interact with your own audience as well as teammates. It has three distinct tools which are:

  1. 3 Recording Mode

You can record desktop or iOS screen or even record from webcam or record both simultaneously in picture-in-picture mode.

  1. Resizable Window

You can easily crop any selected area that you would like to take a screenshot in order to record in full-screen or window modes.

  1. Utility Tools

It has the draw, type, highlight any content, add texts, voiceovers, arrows, images and outlines during recording.


A good video processing software is supposed to provide multiple features to the users. With a wide range of video processing software available in the market, it is hard to find the right one. VideoProc is among the leading video processing software which boasts about its unique characteristics and features. It allows different video processing, transcoding, and conversion features. It is laced with tools which deliver high-quality videos in different formats. If you are currently searching for a one-stop solution for your video processing requirements, then VideoProc is certainly worth a try.

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