Video monetization in 2021: how to get it right

video monetization

Today, audiences around the globe consume more than 10 hours of online video content a week. As a content publisher, this is the time to be maximizing your opportunities through a video monetization platform like Vlogbox.

Going beyond Youtube

Many content creators have yet to explore video monetization beyond the Youtube platform.

While Youtube’s global ad revenues are at a high, Google’s policy of keeping 45% of all ad revenue share makes it a real challenge to reach your monetization goals.

But what if you could keep more of your ad revenue? Despite as stay-at-home orders slowly disappearing, video consumption trends set during the pandemic are here to stay. And OTT/CTV is getting impressive viewership numbers as well as big bucks.

According to eMarketer, CTV ad spend in the US is expected to reach a new high in 2021—$6.73 billion. Advertisers are content with the incremental reach these channels offer, and future projections seem to be even higher.

Why do you need a video monetization platform?

Video monetization means getting paid for the video content you publish online. A video monetization platform allows you to explore different avenues to earn the revenue that your content deserves.

There are three common ways to monetize your videos. You can sell access to:

Individual video content

This approach is known as transactional video on demand (TVOD). It involves selling a pay-per-view access fee to your videos. Viewers can either have lifetime access to the video, or download to rent.

Your audience

This is the advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) approach. It involves selling access to your audience through ad placements. Your viewers can watch your content for free along with the pre-, mid-, post-rolls ads from brands advertising on your CTV channel.

Your platform

The subscription video on demand (SVOD) approach involves charging viewers an access fee to see your premium content, or your entire video-on-demand library.


With CTV showing so much potential, having the freedom to monetize in a way that works for you is a definite perk.

A monetization platform like Vlogbox allows you to:

Set your own prices

When you sell access to your audience or platform, you will maximize rewards for your efforts.

Maintain control of content distribution

Whether you choose to work with on-demand video content or live streams, you can get your own CTV app for your channel, enabling you to reach your audiences through all popular CTV/OTT platforms with no marketing expenses.

Adjust your video marketing strategy based on user feedback and market demand

Nothing beats the power of analytics in video ad monetization. You can leverage  machine-learning algorithms for real-time ad performance optimization and increase your revenue potential.

How it works

CTV channels are a viable way to monetize your video content. You also get to keep most, if not all, of your ad revenue.

You will need to build your own CTV app with easy integration with popular platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple, and Android TV. Getting the right development partner will ensure that your platform is powerful and secure, with security controls to manage user access. Cross-device marketing capabilities will also come in handy.

Access to reliable demand partners can also help to improve your outcomes. By dealing with demand partners directly, you can get satisfying eCPM rates.

Get started

Get the right partner for your CTV journey and leverage a winning monetization strategy. With a monetization platform, you can choose the best way to monetize your content and keep more of your ad revenue.

Vlogbox helps you monetize videos, providing the technology for you, while you focus on creating great content for your viewers.