Video Assistant Referee fast changing the fate of football.


The First time the Video Assisted Referee was introduced in the Netherland Eredivise in 2013, football media no doubt might have never imagined the type of positive impact the technology will bring to the modern game. Many sports analyst believed it could slow the game down, others were of the opinion that it would ruined the thrill that comes from the football as it affords the head referee an easy option in making what could have been a critical decision in the past.

The technology was adopted based on controversial activities that have occurred in football games, controversies ranging from the famous handball by Diego Maradona in the World cup to Sergio Ramos smacking of Mohammed Salah in the UEFA Champion’s league finals as the most recent. Prior to the introduction of the Video assistant referee, the world football governing bodies have previous adopted goal line technology in the last edition of the FIFA football showpiece in Brazil as part of their commitment in ensuring that controversial decision are minimized in football games. It may also have negative impact in the betting world, with some German betting companies like 10Bet Germany feeling it effect.

Video Assistant Referee is a football assistant referee that reviews decisions made by the head referee by application of video footage and headset communication. The technology which became approved in 2018 by the International Football Association Board have proven to have various application channels with Penalty decisions and direct red card decisions the paramount. It is also used to access goals particularly for checking the violation during their buildups as well as in cases of mistaken identity while issuing of card in a game.

The VAR can change the earlier decision made by the head referee in matches by making a clear communication with the head referee that there have been a “clear error” while the review the play from the video operation room with the assistance of the replay operator. It could push the referee who might decide to have a review for himself on the field in other to make a credible decision. The head referee makes this call for personal on the field review by making outline of a rectangle with his index fingers which signifies the shape of a video screen. This could lead to an on-field review or a personal change in previous call. Players who demand for review by making the rectangular outline or join in the on-field review are brandished with a yellow card. In case of coaching crew that join in the on-field review, they are dismissed.

VAR have repaid the faith placed on it by the World football governing body as it has already played a huge role in many decision made in the world cup. Trending football news have reported that the technology was involved in 335 incidents in the group stage of the world football showpiece, helping to achieve a 99.3 percent rates of accurate decision. The technology have also confirmed all the goals scored in the competition as well as overturning 14 decisions by the referee. Video assistant referee no doubt have come to stay as a major innovation of modern football due to its huge abilities in checkmating controversies on the pitch. Players can no longer get away with their atrocities on the field just like in the past.