Vegetable Confetti : Made from Elements in Nature

Vegetable confetti is made from elements available in nature rather than from industrially processed paper or plastic. Let’s get info about it.

Confetti: On the common imagination, the colourful confetti is seen as a pleasant and harmless decoration. Since traditionally they are made from paper, in theory, they should be wholly ecological and biodegradable, considering how this material dissolves quickly when exposed to atmospheric agents. Yet something has changed in recent years.

To meet consumer needs, confetti is more and more frequently produced not only with paper but also with plastic materials. Think of the popular variants with metallic colours or, again, the specimens covered with glitter. Unfortunately, these materials are enemies in the environment and, when not immediately harmful to wildlife, represent a dangerous microplastics source.

In any case, even when you manage to buy 100% pure paper confetti, you have to pay attention. The latter should come from recycling so that its use did not require the specific felling of trees.

Vegetable confetti: How to Make it

Flowers and scissors : As already mentioned, vegetable confetti is decorations for Carnival made from elements widely available in nature, ecological, biodegradable, and zero impact on the environment. And, of course, it is a very colourful solution as tradition dictates.

They can easily be made from numerous plant elements, such as leaves, flower petals, blades of grass, thin bark and much more. And creating them is nothing demanding: it is sufficient to recover a classic paper punch – or, better still, a punching plier for belts – and obtain many small circles.

Of course, if the starting vegetables are dry, they can be created well in advance and used as needed, perhaps by storing them in a paper or cotton bag. If, on the other hand, you prefer fresh leaves and petals, it is best to create the confetti no more than a day before the celebration, keeping them in the refrigerator in the meantime.

It is also useful to underline how, for some years now, some florists have also decided to offer fragrant bags of vegetable confetti, made with fallen leaves or the waste petals of the plants grown in their nurseries.

Once launched, you will not have to worry about their collection and possible effects on the environment: they are, in fact, wholly biodegradable and safe. And, indeed, they can also help lawns and flower beds to appear healthier and greener since they contain nitrogenous elements that are absorbed by the soil with natural decomposition. So all that remains is to arm yourself with many colourful specimens, to launch into the funniest party of the year.