Vegas films everyone will love

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Movie night is that one night where you often scroll through your collections for ages trying to find something everyone agrees on. There are so many films out there that you may have already seen that involve the luxurious life of casinos, gambling and girls. The likes of James Bond films, 21 and Ocean’s 11 to name a few have graced our screens for years – and we love them, they’re classics but they just don’t appeal to all. However, there are some Vegas films out there that are great for everyone (not just the person who loves a high-speed chase), in the following films you’ll find some action, a little bit of romance but definitely comedy.

Now You See Me (2013)

This film is rated a 12A so maybe not one for the little-uns but it does involve some magic for your younger teens to enjoy. Films tend to stand out for different reasons, this one is a puzzle the entire way through that will leave all of the audience in amazement. The ‘Four Horsemen’ are poached together by an unknown entity who sends them to perform certain tasks around the globe – one of them in Vegas at the MGM Grand. Without ruining the storyline – it’s completely unexpected. This is one of those films that you become instantly hooked on – and if you’re a lover of magic it’s even better.

What happens in Vegas (2008)

Vegas has a lot of stereotypes connected to it, casinos, booze, crazy parties and… drive-thru weddings. There have been countless people that have woken up in the morning in Las Vegas, and questioned everything they did the night before and in this film, that’s Joy and Jack (played by Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher). The strangers met and married the night before, leaving them feeling a little rough in the morning. After a small spat, Jack uses Joy’s quarter in a slot machine and wins the $3 million jackpot! Except – now they’re married, neither one can claim all the money for themselves. The pair face many obstacles on their journey to finding a solution with lots of laughs along the way.

Last Vegas (2013)

Another film on the list is Last Vegas, in which Morgan Freeman stars as well as other household names, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline to name a few. This film is about life-long friendship where we see all four of these pensioner friends heading to Vegas for Billy’s (Douglas) bachelor party – he’s finally decided to settle down, albeit with a young lady less than half his age! The four haven’t been together in a long time and are spread throughout the country so this is also a big reunion for them. You might be thinking the party is on the duller side, but no, these golden oldies know how to party and they do it in style! As the four become more familiar with one another again, they start sharing what’s going on in their lives and they run into some problems that they never knew existed. A lovely film showing the value of friendship.

The House (2017)

If you feel like laughing, this film is perfect! Although it’s not actually based or filmed in Vegas, parents Scott and Kate (Will Ferrel and Amy Poehler) end up bringing Vegas to their house. When their daughter heads off to college and her scholarship falls through, the pair find themselves in a very tight financial spot. After making huge promises to their daughter, they realise they need a way to make money – so they open up an underground casino in their basement. As the money rolls in, these two get deeper and deeper in dangerous waters. You’ll be laughing time and time again as you watch the antics they get into and let’s be honest – with that dynamic duo, you wouldn’t expect anything less.

Think like a man too (2014)

Although this film is a sequel to the 2012 film Think like a Man, It still comes with all the characters you’d expect, including the hilarious Kevin Hart who plays Cedric. After some time has passed two of the characters, Dominic and Lauren (Michael Ealy and Taraji P. Henson) are headed to Vegas to get married. Dominic’s best man Cedric organises the bachelor party, the night before the wedding – his first mistake. Cedric runs into some money problems as he discovers he accidentally booked a hotel suite he can’t afford, so he heads to the roulette table and puts all his money on it after a few ‘signs’, we’ll let you try figure out how that went down but let’s just say the group end up entering an amateurs stripper competition where they meet their lady counterparts. If you’ve been seeing a few signs you should try your luck: https://casino.betfair.com/c/live-roulette. There’s plenty of laughs on this rollercoaster ride and will not disappoint.