Varied Types of Counseling

Mental health, even today, has a stigma attached to it. Everyone talks about it in hushed tones and does not acknowledge it even when they know of someone suffering from it. It is easy to ignore it in place of speaking about it.

Most individuals arent even aware of the varied types of counseling out there. Some take over the counter medications as temporary solutions and be done with their problems. However, therapy or counseling can be crucial to situations since medication cannot solve the problem. It can only make the situation manageable.

Lets take a look at the varied types of counseling:

Before we begin with the types, it is vital first to understand that counseling or therapy is not common to all problems. Depending upon the kind of problem that one may be going through, you can find the best counselor for you. Deduce your problem and then a good read here before you decide.

Educational Counselling

Kids of today can no longer be termed as only kids. They are tiny soldiers being recruited by parents within schools to absorb everything they need to fight the competition of the world. They no longer only need to know basic subjects but also need to be adept at extra-curricular to stand apart from the crowd.

All of this is taking a toll on them. Besides schoolwork, they also need to endure bullying, low self-esteem, and social anxiety alongside dealing with the problems at home and academically. Educational counseling helps them to unload this burden and actually find a path that leads them towards their wellbeing and academic success. Regular sessions can help them fulfill their duties at school and home with success instead of breaking down.

Career Counseling

When it comes to careers, it can be confusing for some to decide their career paths. This could either be due to having less information on the career they want to pursue, or it could be because they are fit for the career chosen for them. Career counseling includes conducting aptitude tests and one-on-one advice to determine the best career for the individual.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling helps couples get better at their relationships by working on the problems that the couple is facing.  Couples in a marriage can have depression and anxiety, substance abuse, and PTSD depending upon the experiences of the individuals. This can have an impact on their married life, which can be solved through the communication tactics or problem-solving techniques being given by these counselors. Initially, they address the problems that the individual is facing, and then they work through it together or one by one.

Rehabilitation Counseling

Rehabilitation Counseling refers to counseling for the disabled. Individuals with disability issues face a lot of challenges in life that are not only limited to physical but also mental and emotional difficulties. Helping these individuals rehabilitate and move on in life requires creative solutions and therapy. It is necessary for the disabled to find themselves to be lost and directionless with no hope because of their disability.

Mental Health Counseling

Mental health, as said earlier, comes with a lot of stigma around it. However, there are multiple mental health issues that are doing the rounds of our society and yet arent addressed by anyone. Some of them include anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic disorders, and schizophrenia. These need to be caught and treated on time before they make matters worse. That’s why there’s such a strong demand for clinical mental health counseling today, especially since the onset of the pandemic. Seeking help is important to help individuals with mental health issues disorders function and lead happy, fulfilling and productive lives.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance abuse refers to individuals that need counseling for drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, and other behavioral issues. This, too, is a serious area for counseling since many individuals, owing to substance use, have destroyed the lives of themselves and that of their family members. Counselors deal with various methods that help them face and overcome these habits to live a peaceful and happy life. Even those who have quit have a chance of relapsing, and therefore, regular therapy helps keep things aligned for them.


Most individuals are initially shy of meeting with a random stranger and opening the book of their life to spill the hidden secrets and worry that has been eating at them. So it is advisable that you give a good read about the kind of problem you have and why you must meet with a professional and take some help. It is time that this stigma is broken, and people begin talking about it so that help can be met at the right time. It helps prevent suicide, deaths due to depressions, and attempts made to hurt oneself.