User Benefits from Recent Advances in Fibre Optic Broadband

fiber optics broadband

The generation of today is more connected than any other. There are currently over 2 billion kilometres of optical fibre that have been deployed across the world, linking together communities, people, businesses, countries as well as continents. The future of communications technology is fibre. Fibre internet by far outperforms even the most significant cable internet speeds available today.

High-speed broadband will enable small-scale projects being implemented in areas such as tele-health, distance learning, distribution and control of smart electricity, and industry tele-operations to be broadly adopted across social lives and business.

fiber optics

Unlimited Bandwidth

Cables made using fibre contain optically pure glass strands that are thinner than your human hair, capable of carrying digital information over vast distances. With unlimited carrying capacity, it means there are virtually no caps. Compared to traditional copper wires, it costs less in maintenance (both in terms of money and time).

You can stream as much video as one desires without limitation. Providers never throttle your speeds or cap your data usage. Similar to speed, the bandwidth is only limited by the processing capacity of the electronics in use on each fibre end.

Speed and Reliability

It is offering the fastest connection speeds ever known – in the gigabits. Fibre for home doesn’t even need intermediate equipment such as modems as it utilises a pure Ethernet connection that backs to your ISP. This leads to a service that is more reliable and stable which means you experience no downtime. For all purposes, fibre to the home eliminates most issues arising from equipment as well downtime that is typically experienced by the majority of Internet subscribers.

Flexibility and Long-Lasting

Besides a significant connection speed increase, networks on fibre optic offer tremendous capacity capable of keeping up with any emerging technologies in this field. Once the basic infrastructure has been put in place, it’s possible to rearrange and upgrade the end point electronics when necessary so as to deliver higher capacity. It does this more effectively compared to existing copper-based wireless systems.

In terms of serviceable lifetime, glass (used in making the cable) is stronger and long-lasting than copper. It has more capability of retaining its transmission properties despite physical stress like weight strain, or attacks by cockatoos and rats.

Less Interference

Digital signals get dispatched as light pulses down the glass fibres. This is achieved without limitation on the transmission. Due to the fact that it’s literally light that is being transmitted, it experiences no interference from possible electromagnetic noise like power lines, motors, radios, or other cables that are nearby. This translates to a better broadband connection and clearer signal for you. Even when lightning strikes, it does not affect the optical fibre cables like it does with copper cabling.

Digital Fibre Optic Phone

Networks responsible for supplying fibre-optical speed are also now providing reliable home digital phone services. Fibre-optical home phone provide outstanding call clarity as well as an opportunity of saving your cellular minutes. Many of the available plans are offering advanced phone features such as internet call management integration via your Smartphone or computer. The copper wiring used by older networks is fast becoming out-dated and even traditional phone companies are now migrating to fibre optical to reap the quality and efficiency benefits.

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Fibre-Optical TV

Optical fibre cable is capable of providing a TV signal that is more reliable than other available method. TV via satellite, cable or antenna is open to interference while a network on fibre cable is not. The capacity of a fibre network for data transmission translates to more channels, many which can be viewed in amazingly clear high definition.

Often, carriers include DVR with the TV service enabling the recording of HD programs to be played back at a convenient time for you. This type of TV is also compatible with HDTV-ready sets.


Optical fibre is continuing to facilitate our modern world of connectivity. Services delivered through broadband are increasingly becoming a critical element of daily life. Because of its nearly unlimited bandwidth capacity and compatibility with lots of other technologies, it has the ability of growing rapidly and adapting to the world’s future communication needs. The revolution will continue leading the industry in terms of developing and implementing the next generation of communications networks technology.