Useful Tips on Essay Writing

essay writing

All students have to write written works: essays, term papers, thesis, and so on. Of course, such assignments cause concerns and doubts.  It is necessary to understand that they are mostly associated not with students’ insecurity in their knowledge but with over-regulation of this component of the educational process, the pickiness of professors and lack of time for revision.

A well-known fact is that if students are proposed to prepare a report or essay on a topic that interests them, they are happy to work on it even if the result does not promise a positive assessment in the subject. Even negligent students will take advantage of the opportunity to express their thoughts in free form and impress the audience. But when they are forced to write term papers or essays, which are a form of control and test, then students perceive this turn of events as a problem.

Not all students order writing work from outside organizations or teachers. However, it is a perfect possibility to receive a good grade. One can address such service as Essaysmatch and persuade how comfortable and useful it is. At the same time, we want to provide some advice for those who are going to write essays, term papers, and thesis on their own.

Topic Selection

Half the success depends not only on writing but also on defense. If the topic seems simple or interesting, it does not mean that it will be easy to work on it. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with the professor and see what he or she can advise and why. You can also ask what he or she thinks about the topic you have chosen: whether it corresponds to your abilities and how much literature is available on this issue. The teacher will give you a profitable option. And the main thing here is not to delay the choice of topics. The most interesting are taken immediately and those who are late will get the most tricky and boring ones.


The plan should reflect the sequence of presentation of the material and the construction of the judgments of the author. Non-topic issues should not be reflected in the plan. However, even the most obvious and logically justified plan can lead to an external imbalance: there is a formal requirement that the structural units of work (sections, subsections, paragraphs) should be of equal volume. In practice, this does not work out because one question on the topic of research is unambiguous and does not require deep understanding and the second is very debatable and problematic, containing many exceptions and features. Therefore, it can be fully analyzed only by increasing the volume of a specific part of the paper.

In this regard, based on the available literature, it makes sense to estimate in advance what sections and subsections should be included in order not to violate the proportions of the work, and only then approve the plan with the supervisor.

Time Management

Each student has his or her own ability to work. Some may complete the paper in a day and some can’t be ready even in a week. In order not to force yourself to do work in emergency mode, it is enough to make it a rule to write one page a day. Three-four months will be enough for course work and a month for a term paper. You won’t even notice how everything was done nor will you waste precious free time.