Use cases of 5G – where and when is it useful?


5G is associated with high-speed Internet, AR / VR, smart home, unmanned vehicles. But in addition to consumer purposes, technology also has an industrial aspect. Moreover, the main customer of the new generation of communications is the corporate sector. The most rapid growth in the volume of transmitted data and the number of devices shows the segment of the Internet of things, including industrial.

As the world experience of the commercial launch of 5G networks has shown, the number of subscribers with 5G terminals is growing several times faster than it was in 3G and LTE networks. For example, in 3G networks, the period when the base reached 500 million users was 10 years. The same number of users in 4G networks appeared in 5 years. According to analysts, in 5G networks, this threshold will be reached in 3 years.

5G use cases

More than enough has been said about the scope of 5G – this is a popular topic, and you can easily find the details of interesting cases. We can list the main industries and sectors where it will be useful to apply.

Gaming industry

The gaming industry will indeed benefit from the positive impact of 5G, especially online gaming, streaming, and casino games. We know that gamers often complain about lags and latency while playing online, which significantly affects the playing experience. This goes to cloud gaming as well, where the strong network is important.

As for casino games, the situation is not different, either. Very often, casinos lose customers only because the 4G Internet is not enough for players to enjoy games to the fullest. In Canada where playing online blackjack for real money is one of the most popular activities in the gambling industry, people declare that while using mobile phones to access blackjack, the 4G Internet hampers them. The fifth-generation would definitely eradicate that issue.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This includes the smart home concept, manufacturing, and computing power (IoT), smart city infrastructure. Devices and systems are integrated into a shared network with remote control and monitoring with minimal delays. In the first case, it can be household appliances, climate control, emergency warning systems. At industrial facilities, 5G will provide fast high-quality communication between machines, measuring instruments, and data centers. Residents of cities will be able to take advantage of uninterrupted operational access to various services: public service centers, public transport, and more.

Unmanned vehicles

Autonomous cargo transportation, city taxi, agricultural machinery – many types of transport can be switched to the unmanned mode in order to ensure greater accuracy, reliability, and safety of processes.

Cloud technologies

Data storage, instant loading, and computing have become crucial in the modern world. Cloud applications, which previously required the installation of on-premise, will become widely applicable. Thanks to high-speed data transfer, users and developers will be able to perform operations that require high hardware power, having only mobile Internet at hand.


High-quality communication with remote regions will provide high-quality support in case of an emergency. During complex operations or diagnostics using the 5G video stream, it will provide high speed and resolution. Also, with the help of fitness trackers, users will be able to transfer their biometric parameters in a continuous mode for storage and processing.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

It’s not just about entertainment, but also about a very responsible application – interactive learning systems, navigation systems, complex engineering processes, and even tactile Internet.

If you look into the more distant future, then with the advent of 5G, such smart systems as a home, city, production will actively develop. We should also note the trend for the use of voice assistants. In addition, with the spread of 5G, artificial intelligence will gain a second life and will become available to a much larger number of users.


In spite of the conspiracy theories that exist around the 5G network, the innovation will certainly be useful for companies and people around the world. The system is already here and will be incorporated into our lives gradually.