Tutorial to Upload your Photos directly from Mac or PC to Instagram

Nearly all of us know about Instagram. It is  a mobile photo sharing app. It facilitates the user to sharing their pics privately or publicly from your smart phone. It permits you to partake in your pictures to social programs. This app trails a feature to let the user see who are following them. Am sure selfie freaks have installed this app on their smart phones.

But what if you want the videos or photographs in your camera to be shared. Or what if you want to do some editing using Lightroom. Also, there are many who prefer real keyboard and desktops over mobile phone typing captions and screens.

Those who thinks that Instagram is only for mobile phones let me tell you, now you can upload your pics directly from PC or Mac to Instagram.

We know you are eager to know how? So without taking much of your time, below we have discussed the steps to upload photos directly from your PC to Instagram even without a smart phone.

Use Google Chrome and Upload photos to Instagram

This method that we are using will trick the browser to open Instagram new mobile web app. This will take just a few seconds. Follow the steps we have mentioned below on Google Chrome. Google Chrome as we know is the most favored web browsers.

Start by : Opening Google chrome

At the top on the right side there is a three-dot menu button. Click it

Now click and open New incognito window- This step will make sure that your Instagram account is completely secure. But yes, it is not a compulsory step.

As the next step you are again required to click on three-dot menu button. This time, click More tools. Then click on developer tools.

Have you done till now. Let’s proceed.

Move to the Instagram’s website.

Log in to your account (Instagram account)

Besides ‘Elements’ you will see a tablet-cum-phone icon. Click it.

You can now finally upload your pics from computer to Instagram.

Here’s the video to see how its done.


Use Safari to upload Instagram

For those who are Mac users you can use Safari to upload Insatgram.

Open Safari browser

Go to Safari icon on top left

Select Preference

Now move to Tab ‘Advanced’

Check the option “Show Develop menu in menu bar”at the bottom.

It’s safer if you access a Private window before heading on to the next step. If you are wondering how to do this then go to File and then open New Private Window.

Our next step is to move to Instagram website. Log in to Instagram account.

Now move to Develop. Then go to User Agent and click “Safari – iOS10 – iPhone”.

You will finally find the option to upload your photographs to Instagram.

So as you can see, you need not to depend on your smart phones to share your photographs on Instagram. If you find our article helpful we will love to hear from you in the comment section below.