Uplet Review – A simple Mac app for adding Instagram posts

Uplet Review

Uploading images or videos on Instagram through a web browser can be quite tedious. Most of the users of MacBook or iMac face certain issues when they have to upload their images or videos to their Instagram account, but they canít do it through their web browser on their computer.

In case they have to upload any image or video to their Instagram account, they need to transfer those images to their phone or tablet in order to use the Instagram app, but it is quite a difficult way of getting things done. To help these users, there are few applications which are available in the market which are alternatives to this option. One of such macOS app is Uplet which comes from Eltima. It is quite a simple application which allows the user to easily upload multiple images or videos to his Instagram account. Letís look at what Uplet is and what are its features.

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Introduction to Uplet

Uplet from Eltima is an easy to use and straightforward macOS application which allows the user to upload multiple images as well as videos to his Instagram account from his desktop computer. It allows the users to feel more connected to their friends by simply sharing their moments which matter them the most with the use of this extraordinary application. This app allows the user to upload multiple high-res images without even compromising the original quality of the images as well as add original captions using the Mac keyboard which provides the convenience to the users. It lays special emphasis on simplicity, and Uplet is particularly designed to enhance the photo as well as video sharing experience across the Instagram. This app has a streamlined and ultra-basic interface which is quite easy to use. In order to upload any type of image or video, the user has to simply drag one or multiple images to the window of the app.

Letís look at the features of this app.

1. Uploading Multiple Images

The user can simply zoom in or also move the image in the frame in order to crop. Below a particular image the user can easily type the comments hashtag. Uplet does have few image editing features which are present in the Instagram mobile app. It doesnít have the feature to apply filters or simply brighten the image. However, if you are using Uplet on your desktop computer, you can easily use other desktop apps in order to do image editing before using Uplet. Once who are satisfied with the imageís framing as well as the comments, you have to simply press the share button that uploads the image or the images as well as videos to the Instagram account. In contrast to Instagram mobile app, there isnít any option to share the images or videos to other social websites like Twitter or Facebook. However, the uploads are quite quick and they show up immediately in the Instagram account. This provides the convenience to easily upload the images using desktop computer.

2. Uploading the Videos

Uploading the Videos

When it comes to uploading the videos on the Instagram using this app, the process is similar as images but there is one essential aspect that needs to be kept in the mind. The video will essentially be truncated at 60 seconds in case it is longer than that and there is no method to trim the 60 second window like you can simply do in the Instagram app.

3. Editing Tools

Uplet allows the user to edit each image or the video that he is planning to share on Instagram individually. It is among the basic feature that is readily available on this app.

4. Orientation and Cropping Tools

The user of this app doesnít have to worry about the image proportions as well as the aspect ratios since the user can alter the images size as well as change the orientation of the photos with Uplet.

5. Adding Caption

Adding Caption

Uplet allows the user to add creativity to his pictures with exclusive captions, hashtags, emojis that it offers.

6. Uploading Bulk Images

This premium app allows you to share all of your preferred images as well as videos with a simple click on the mouse. The ability to share multiple images and videos as particularly single post will be provided in the upcoming versions.

In order to use this app, the user needs to have an Instagram account prior to start the work as the app asks the user to login to the Instagram account. Uplet also allows the user to pose his valuable content that he likes to share to all of his Instagram accounts by means of simply switching between those accounts in the app. It avoids multiple re-logging, which saves the time as well as enhances the productivity significantly.


A lot of Macbook and iMac users have been facing issues when it comes to uploading photos and videos to their Instagram accounts through their desktop computer. To solve this problem, Eltima has presented Uplet which is a great app for the Instagram users to simply add their images and videos without transferring them to a smartphone or a tablet in order to do so. Uplet is very easy to use and quite quick. It has a clean and straightforward interface. It provides multiple options to the user to upload images and videos. It has in-built editing features. It allows the user to add captions, hashtags and emojis. It is priced at $19.99 which is quite affordable to every user. It is the best purchase even though it doesnít allow the user to share with other social media websites and the user canít edit the length of the video in the app. There are certain apps that are available in the market which offer such features, but they are costlier than this app. This app is best for the users who simply wish to add images or videos to their Instagram account without using any filters or brightening the image. It is very easy to edit the images even though the editing features are limited. However, at this price range, Uplet is worth trying for any Instagram user.