Understanding The Types Of Food-Grade Packaging Materials For Vape

Vape packaging

When it comes down to the custom vape cartridge packaging, itís needless to say that using durable and food-grade material is helpful and a safer approach. Thatís to say, because the vape products are consumed, which means they need innovative and latest packaging processes to ensure the product is kept safe. In fact, with so many vape cartridge products available in the market, it gets challenging to find the right packaging material, but we will cover the types of food-grade packaging material. 

Honestly, there are endless packaging material options, but with your presence here, itís clear that you need access to the right packaging materials to ensure the vape packaging is on point. In addition, the packaging materials are sufficient to ensure the vape product reaches the customer safely. So, with this article, we are outlining the types of food-grade packaging materials that are sufficient for securing vape products! 

Different Types Of Materials For Vape 

It wouldnít be wrong to say that packaging is a saturated industry, and with so many options available in the market, it can be frustrating and somewhat mind-boggling to find the right choice. However, with this section, we are sharing some options that are rigid yet flexible to comply with the needs of vape products. All these packaging materials are eco-friendly, so are you ready to find out more details?

Flexible Pouches

When it comes down to food-grade packaging, flexible pouches have become a promising choice, and itís quite popular as well. In fact, the customers love these materials and packaging options Ė do you know the global market of flexible pouches is estimated to be $53.7 billion currently, and itís likely to reach the $73.5 billion mark by the year 2026. You must be wondering what stands behind the popularity of flexible pouches, right?

The flexible pouches are eco-friendly, and it wouldnít be wrong to say that it promises a low carbon footprint as compared to other packaging materials, including hard plastic, cardboard, metal, and glass. These pouches are designed to take up lesser space as compared to their alternative, promising lesser filling of the landfills. However, there is more to flexible pouches than sustainability, including the affordability factor Ė yes, these pouches are extremely affordable. 

The flexible pouches are extremely lightweight, resulting in fewer shipping charges. These pouches are shatter-resistant and have a plastic window that allows the users to check out the product before they purchase something. In addition, it allows the users to feel the productís texture, and the availability of valves promise double functionality. Honestly, itís not a suitable choice for vape packaging, but itís an apt choice for packing the coffee beans, herbs, and spices. 

It allows the users to smell different products to ensure customers have a more interactive experience. On top of everything, they can be printed all around to create on-point branding, including logos, typography, product details, and graphics. 

Glass Containers & Jars

The glass containers and jars are actually a great choice for vape products. This is because they are more eco-friendly and look amazing. The products packed in glass containers and jars will enjoy a longer shelf life and will create a luxurious experience as compared to other packaging materials. For the most part, these are transparent packaging solutions and allow the customers to check out the product and inspect it before purchasing. However, in the case of vape, they can be accentuated with labels. 

On top of everything, the glass containers and jars are fully recyclable, but the carbon footprint is pretty higher. In addition, the glass containers and jars are relatively heavyweight, which means they have the capacity to increase the shipping costs. Not to forget, it has the capacity of increasing the shelf consumption in the shipping trunks. Not to forget, they need a promising shipping service to ensure the product reaches safely to the customers. All in all, itís sufficient for vape products!

Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging belongs to the card-based packaging category and is widely used for packing food products. However, they can be used for storing vape products, especially if youíve to send them in bulk. The clamshell packaging is sufficient for packing the consumer goods and is made from different materials, including recycled paper, paperboard, plastic, Styrofoam, and plant-based materials. As the name suggests, clamshell packaging has two shells that are connected at one part. 

The second side of the box is integrated with a nob or clasp to ensure the container can be locked in position. They are common for packing chicken wings, sandwiches, produce, BBQ ribs, and salads. In addition, the vape companies can put multiple vape products in one clamshell packaging box and wrap them up. This packaging material is readily available in food marts, hardware stores, supermarkets, gas stations, and more. 

As far as sustainability is concerned, it depends on the material used for manufacturing clamshell packaging. To illustrate, the plastic ones are made from PET plastic which makes it a recyclable choice, while plant-based clamshells are made from compostable materials. 

Metal Cans

When it comes down the packaging supplies, metal cans have gained enough popularity just like glass containers and jars. Honestly, metal cans have been around for a century and are generally made from aluminum and tin material. Thatís because these materials are fully recyclable without taking away the factor of affordability. In addition, the metal cans promise resistance to shattering as compared to glass jars. The metal cans are perfect for packing sauces, soups, different types of meat, and veggies. 

The metal cans made from aluminum are suitable for storing energy drinks, beer, water, and soda, but they are also great for vape products. As far as sustainability is concerned, they are 100% biodegradable and recyclable, but itís important to mention that the carbon footprint is higher.

So, if you need any of these packaging materials for vape products, WeCustomBoxes can help. In addition, you can get the packaging customized to meet the business and product needs!