Understanding The Most Important Marketing Tactic

Understanding The Most Important Marketing Tactic

If you have a website or a blog that youíre trying to market, but youíre not quite sure where to start, then youíve come to the right place. Marketing a website or blog can be a challenge, especially when youíre new and unsure of what the best strategies are for approaching early marketing.

When you create a website or blog itís an exciting time, but no one will come to your website unless youíre being proactive through a heavy marketing effort. You may have written about a great Toronto massage company, but unless you let people know you wrote about it, how will they find you?

Today I want to talk to you about link-building. If youíre new to marketing a website you may be wondering what this is. In simple terms, link-building is putting your link on as many websites as possible.

Understanding The Most Important Marketing Tactic

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This will do two things for you.

  • It will increase the amount of traffic you receive to your site because people who stumble on your link can click it.
  • However, thereís a more important benefit. When you link-build you are telling Google that your website is important. This makes Google rank your website higher than it normally would, allowing for more organic traffic to find you.

A strong link-building campaign will utilize keywords too, so that when people type in a phrase relating to what your blog or website is based on, they can be directed to your site versus someone elseís.

So where are a few spots that you can begin posting your links today? The trick is you want to publish on websites with as much authority as possible. This means sites that do not look spammy or like theyíll give you a virus.

A few easy spots to hit are your social media profiles to start. Publish it in your Ďaboutí sections on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and wherever else you have an account. Create a social media account on every platform to paste your link.

You can get creative with link posting too. Post them on websites like Quora with helpful answers to people in your niche and on Facebook groups, just be careful to make sure it doesnít look like youíre doing this for self gain.

The best way to link-build, but the one that takes the most time, is through guest posting on blogs that discuss you niche. This will help you to gain a lot of direct traffic and organic traffic overtime through a higher search ranking.

Link-building can be a fun activity, but it takes a lot of time. In fact, if you are a new blogger most of your time should be spent on a link-building campaign. But thankfully itís free and there are plenty of ways for you to approach this.