Understanding Canadian Online Casino Bonuses

Canadian Online Casino

Online casino bonuses have been discussed among casino operators and players due to some thorny issues. Today’s discourse will be about what casino bonuses are about and what else the casinos offer gamblers. I have reached out to a Canadian casino expert to help me out with this article which I will introduce further down below.

Our direction will also focus on various types of casinos available for Canadian players. The terms and conditions attached to bonuses will be highlighted. Finally, we will conclude by stating whether online rewards are worth it or not. The answer will surprise you, so read on!

Understanding Canadian Online Casino Bonuses

I Skyped Charlotte Fitzgerald, the editor-in-chief of casimoose.ca, to lend her expertise about the online Canadian casino industry due to Charlotte experience about gambling in Canadian casinos. Her voice on important casino bonus details often ignored by new players joining casino players was quite unsurprising.

Charlotte said and I quote “Casino players are always happy whenever they hear about bonuses, offers, or any kinds of casino rewards. However, these casino bonuses are a common cause of friction between casino players and online casinos because most new players failed to read the terms and conditions”

“The non-charlatans’ attitude of these players to pertinent laid down rules always come back to haunt them hence why we review each bonus on our website, to lay out the facts, highlight both the good and bad we find in the terms and conditions whilst also judging whether a bonus is fair based on logical facts”

So, What are Casino Bonuses? and Why do Online Casinos Offer Them?

Online casino bonuses are incentives and rewards system casinos employ to attract and keep players patronizing them. These casino bonuses come in various manners and with multiple rules guiding them. There are many reasons why all online casinos offer one form of bonus or the other. In the betting industry, every casino is trying very hard to beat its competitors; using bonuses is one way.

Moreover, online casino bonuses allow players to deposit funds more, thereby making the casino operators gain more money. By depositing, you are showing your belief in the service of the casino. Furthermore, casino bonuses also allow casino access to their player information like email and telephone number. This casino business uses this information for marketing and advertising purposes.

Players tend to refer their friends when they get favorable casino bonuses that they can win with. Finally, bettors are encouraged to play more games with the availability of casino bonuses. With the highly competitive market in the casino industry, rewards are offered as an incentive for players to join.

What Type of Bonuses does Online Casino Offer to Canadian players?

Canadian casino players get many bonuses of various types and versions, attracting them to register and bet on different casino websites. These casinos are offered to old and new customers with multiple benefits. To be eligible to get huge bonuses from these Canadian websites, you will need to register with any of your preferred gambling sites.

It is worthy of note that while everyone can get a bonus, there are several stringent terms attached to these bonuses.

Welcome/sign up bonus

Online casinos provide this type of reward to gamblers who just registered on their platform. A welcome bonus is usually 100% to 200% of your first deposit on the website.

This is a popular bonus for all casinos. Some require you to credit your account with a certain amount of funds before getting this bonus. Other casinos give you a free sign up bonus, whether you credit your account or not.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are a form of reward given by online casinos to endear new bettors. These bonuses are usually in form of free funds, which can be used to stake in casino games.

No-deposit bonuses are offered as a gift to get you to stake on their site. These bonuses aim to promote the betting brand and get vital information from fresh players. The details obtained will typically be used for advertising purposes.

Free Spins

Free spins are of casino bonus kinds that allow you to play spins games on casino free. Instead of betting with your funds on a wheel, the casino game will let a player use free spins anytime he wagers. What this implies is that with free spins, players are allowed to spin without risking any funds. What happens is that the casino provides bettors with a range of wheels to play with, and it can be used to spin the reels till your exhaust your free spins.

This bonus type is one of the casino bonuses found in Canadian and European casinos. Most time, they are included in the welcome bonuses offered for new customers. Other times, they are given daily, weekly, and monthly irrespective of your status.

What are the Typical Bonus Terms and Conditions?

No matter the type of bonus offered by any casino, they always come up with some rules attached to them. The first thing you should consider is that bonuses cannot be withdrawn without you staking with it. In other words, you will have to use your bonuses to bet, win before it can be removed.

Moreover, players will usually have to rollover with the bonus three times and win before they can withdraw it. Your success in these rollovers will determine when you can get access to the funds. Bonuses can typically be used to bet on some odds depending on the online casino website. Some casinos only using rewards with odds 1.80 and above. Some are higher, and you will rarely be allowed to use bonuses to wage on small odds. It is one reason many players are unhappy about bonuses; How can you give a bonus and determine how it is used? Is that not suspicious?

Most bonuses can only be used to bet on some games and market options. It is not available to all bet options. A good example is that most bonuses cannot be used to play live games or virtual games. Time restrictions of various duration are also placed on bonuses. It has expiration time. A good number of online casino bonuses cease within 3 to 7 days. What this means is that you don’t use your bonus by that time, it will no longer be valid.

Finally, you can’t use the cash-out feature on any games at staked with bonuses. Cash-out features are options where you can withdraw winnings, particularly multiples before all the events finish. If you play any accumulations with bonuses, you will have to wait till all your events finish.

Are Online Casinos Bonuses worth it?

The answer to the question is relative because of human wants and needs. It depends on how you view bonuses as a casino player to determine if you like it or not. Generally, the bonus needs to be avoided because of their unreasonable wagering requirements. The rules attached to most bonuses are too stringent and rigid even though they are monitored by the online casino regulators such as the MGA and the UK Gambling Commision

Also, time limits and winning cap placed on several casino bonuses deter many bettors from interested in them. Rewards should overall be seen as Greek gifts which bettors must be wary of. Gamblers generally don’t win cash on bonus credits; most huge winnings are from real money, no matter how small.

In conclusion, you can’t wish away casino bonuses offered by online casinos; however, you shouldn’t be too eager to use them, as there are too many limitations surrounding its usage. So to recap, this article has looked at what online casino bonuses are and why casinos keep offering them to players. We also looked at the various bonuses offered by this casino business and what our thoughts are about the usefulness of these bonuses. A special thanks goes out to Charlotte Fitzgerald for her expertise in the subject.