Ultimate Hacks for Finishing Written Assignments Quickly

Finishing Written Assignments

Written assignments can be physically and mentally draining to work on. Especially when the topics given are complex and the timeline is fixed. You probably dont always have time to draft the assignment, write it down as well as proofread and review the article, all within the stipulated time.

To make your task more manageable, here are the best hacks to help you finish your written assignments quickly!

1. Organize

When you have limited time, be aware of how much time you can spend on each section of the assignment. The best ways to organize an assignment are:

  • Brainstorming
  • Outlining
  • Writing
  • Revising

Over time, you will master the technique of organization that suits you best. But remember to take sufficient breaks in between each step.

2. Understand the Assignment

When you write an assignment without clarity of the concept, it could be a complete waste of time. Take enough time to thoroughly understand the assignment and go through each word carefully.

If any section of the assignment is unclear, do not hesitate to clarify your doubts with the professor. It would be stupid to complete an assignment without understanding it fully. Understanding the topic helps with fast essay writing as you have more clarity.

3. Research

One of the ways to write about a topic fast is to do all the background work, which is the research.

Researching and reviewing the topics can give you an idea of all the work that has already been done on the topic.

Research can also give you ideas about how to draft your assignment, the layout you could follow and how to incorporate novel ideas into your essay. With good research, youll have reliable material to finish your assignment quickly.

If time permits, you can even do more research, because the stronger the groundwork, the faster the writing.

4. Writing Environment

When you sit down to write the assignment, you need to make sure your mindset is right. To get the right mindset, you need the perfect writing environment.

Distractions are very common in todays world. Any sort of outside influence can change your trail of thought, making you forget what you were about to write.

Go to a place with minimal distractions like a library or a quiet coffee shop.

Also, make sure you are comfortable and your mind is centered and focused.

5. Digital Distractions

Phone addiction is a real problem. Glancing at your phone every few minutes leads to losing your trail of thought and also reducing your attention span. Checking your social media can derail and slow you from your work and leads to a waste of time.

Install apps that help block out distracting apps for a certain period, or put your phone in flight mode. Making sure your phone is away from you is an efficient way to write assignments fast.

6. Quality Over Quantity

Its better to have fewer words that have more meaning rather than more words with no meaning. Focus on the quality of your work.

Some topics would only need 5 worthy pages with important content to get you full marks and not 10 pages. When you stretch your content over many pages, it would dilute the quality and contain a lot of fillers, which is a waste of effort and time.

Crisp and quality content can help you finish your assignments quickly.


Planning, organizing and understanding are the foundations for finishing your assignments quickly. When your foundation is strong, you would not have to spend a lot of time writing the assignment.

Following the tips mentioned here, you would have a quality piece of article written way before the deadline!