Types and Perks of Incorporating Autodialer in Your Company


Auto dialers are software that can dial phone numbers from a database and forward the call to a live operator or a prerecorded message. Companies that operate call centers have used autodialers, which provide an easy and hassle-free method for producing rapid results. A successful contact center is a goal shared by everyone, and an autodialer is a useful tool in making that happen. So how does an autodialer work?

Auto-dialers are useful since they save agents time before they talk to a prospect or customer. To dial a number manually, a range of ten to fifteen seconds is required. Even a delay of ten to fifteen seconds on each call can substantially impact the productivity of an employee who makes dozens of calls daily. Manual dialing can potentially result in mistakes that will, in turn, further lengthen the process.

Autodialer Types

Predictive autodialer

A predictive dialer can be useful for companies that receive many phone calls daily. Predictive dialing strategies keep track of information like the agent’s average handling time and availability to place calls at the most convenient moment for the agent. The Predictive Dialer Algorithm directs the dialer to make multiple simultaneous calls. It can tell whether or not each one was answered by a human, an answering machine, or no one. Only when a live person picks up the phone will the calls be sent to agents.

Predictive dialers significantly boost the agents’ productivity by minimizing the time spent waiting between calls and guaranteeing that sales representatives are spending their time making calls rather than fumbling with unanswered calls.

The dialer is programmed to work intelligently according to the availability of agents. It employs predictive analysis based on historical call trends to ensure that the next call will already be patched when the agent becomes available again. For instance, if the average time it takes an agent to complete a call is 2:30, the dialer will begin dialing out a new call every 3 minutes to give agents enough time to finish up the previous conversation and get ready for the next one.

The efficiency of this dialer is determined by several different criteria, including the max pacing ratio, the call drop ratio, the agent wait time, and the variance factor.

Progressive autodialer

A progressive autodialer is also termed a power autodialer. This autodialer waits for an agent’s availability before starting to dial. Once the agent confirms they are available, the dialer will make the connection. Whenever an agent completes a call, power dialers automatically dial the next number in a predetermined sequence.

Outbound call centers that care more about quality leads than quantity may consider using a progressive autodialer. When calling, you’ll always get through to a real person. Because a real person can field inquiries and have in-depth discussions about the product or service, this increases the likelihood of a sale being made. The number of calls equals the number of available agents. It is suitable for companies that participate in telemarketing. Progressive dialers, instead of predictive dialers, make calls one after the other and prioritize agents’ availability to answer the calls.

It eliminates the need for the agent to manually choose numbers or dial them to facilitate continuous call processing. For instance, if a number cannot be reached because it is engaged, unattended, or disconnected, it will automatically dial the next number.

Preview autodialer

Upselling and cross-selling to high-net-worth (HNW) clients are where preview dialers shine. It’s much easier for agents to provide individualized service if they have access to relevant consumer data before receiving a call. Using a preview dialer, agents can look through the customer’s details before connecting the call. The period before the call at which the administration will reveal client information can be configured however they see fit; options include five seconds, ten seconds, or neither.

Salespeople in the collections industry can use data like the date of the customer’s last payment, a notice that payment is due, etc., to discuss with the client without overwhelming them with irrelevant details.

Perks of Incorporating an Autodialer

Less idle time

Manual dialing is time-consuming and inefficient since agents have to wait until a call is connected before they can move on to the next one. Manually calling numbers in an outbound call center results in wasted time for the agents who have to listen to busy signals and answering machines and disconnect calls. The dialer system can recognize these components thanks to auto dialer technology, and in these situations, skip the call. Auto dialers successfully reduce downtime by ensuring that only calls that have been answered are forwarded to the agents. With this method, agents may handle more calls while still saving time.

Continuous Observation and Reporting in Real Time

Call center operations and agent activities gain insight through auto dialer software’s adaptable reports and dashboards. Call center managers benefit from real-time dashboards because they can make more informed decisions. As a result, agents are better able to respond quickly to pressing issues.

More agent talk time

Compared to manual dialing, one of the primary advantages of auto-dialer software is a significant improvement in agent talk time. Agents spend more time talking with prospects and customers when they have less idle time and a higher call connect ratio. The auto dialer increases agent conversation time, improving client engagement and increasing agent confidence and productivity.

Increase operational effectiveness

Implementing an automatic dialing system eliminates the need for human operators. By eliminating common causes of inefficiency in the workplace, such as long hold times, incorrect numbers dialed, and dropped calls; automated dialer software can dramatically improve productivity.

Increased lead conversion rate

Implementing an auto dialer solution can make the outbound calling process more nimble, even for complex inside sales processes with high-value leads. Like predictive dialers, auto dialers provide a snapshot of your consumers’ contact information before making a call. Before a call is connected, the service agents have time to prepare for it.

Carry out many campaigns all at once

The cutting-edge in auto-dialer software is a multi-functional outgoing system. Managers can generate numerous reports based on up-to-the-moment information. Additionally, they can track how well each promotion is doing. By providing a variety of tools, they make it easier for firms to manage and execute several campaigns at once.