3 Ways to Get Twitter RSS feed for any User and Hashtag

Its been a long time since Twitter stopped providing the RSS Feed for the tweets. But there are few good ways to get it back.

Here I have gathered three ways to get Twitter RSS feed for any user account or any hashtag.

The first way is rather simple and you just need to watch the video for it.

Way 1. See the video below


This video by Amit from Labnol.org has explained an alternative way to get Twitter RSS feeds with the new Twitter API.

By making widgets, grabbing their IDs and using a Google Script (made by Amit), will give you desired feed address to be added to a Feed reader like Feedly.

Way 2 – RSS it for me

Get your tweets via RSS! Twitter has killed off their RSS feeds – this site is an attempt to provide an alternative.

RSS it for me


Way 3 -FetchRSS

Generate RSS out of any Twitter user, Twitter hashtag, Web Page, Facebook page and even a YouTube Channel.


This is a freemium type site that provides five feeds free by just registration, afterwards it has premium plans. The free service only gets updates in 24 hours.

Bonus -TweetsToRSS Server (Android App)

As Twitter does not provide RSS feeds anymore, this app provides alternative RSS feed URLs for user timelines, hashtags and searches by running a lightweight web server on your device.

TweetsToRSS Server

The feed URLs are localhost addresses. It works best with Subhash Browser & Feed Reader, which can automatically start the server in the background. Like all my other apps, this is a completely no-nonsense app. It does not spy on you or collect any data.

More tools and services that can do it -Twools andbazqux.com.

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If you have any other toolwith similar functionality and ability then please leave a link below with your comment below.