Twitter Power Tips: Send Direct Message To Yourself And Multiple Users

Twitter allows you to send a Direct Message to your followers and that message is sent to his Email or by SMS according to their settings. But it’s not possible to send a Direct Message (DM) to yourself via Twitter normal functions. But now there is an Twitter Web Application Privatetweet which can send private or direct message to yourself.

For a simple reason of storing a Tweet or anything else for that matter Privatetweet can help you send yourself 140 character message as usual by simply writing @YourTwitterID and you will receive a Direct message.

Send direct messages to yourself via twitter

Send Direct Message to Multiple Users

Twitter always allows you to send a direct message to one person at a time but if it’s your birthday or an anniversary where many people send you greetings over twitter, you would want to thank them. But thanking all of them at once is what’s missing and for this there is another applications which allows you to send multiple direct messages at once TweetGuru

You can send Direct messages to 12 persons at a time by simply separating them with a comma (no @ feature is required). Here’s a screenshot of what you can get there.

Multiple Direct on twitter

Let us know if you know any other services like this, we would love to hear from you.